Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Sorry now day 24 post.
I like posting in the evening so I can write about how the day went.
Well, last night Brandon wanted to eat some chips because he was feeling better, I said NO, Dad said Yes as long as he chews it real good. I again said no and went into the other room in protest. The chips were fine, then he wanted some sausage, I again huffed in disagreement but this time I didnt even argue with Chris, he knew I was against it and it wasnt worth a fight.... so I thought. A mothers intuition is usually right, and as soon as he swallowed the sausage he grabbed his throat and started crying, and spitting up blood, he went to the bathroom, opened his mouth and blood started pouring out. I wanted to go to the ER but Chris said no lets wait, he did this the other day too and it stopped. So after about 20 mins and still blood I called the dr. By the time the dr called he only had pink spit so we thought it was better, but then he cleared his throat and blood started flowing again. Dr said to get to the ER right away.

I arrive at the ER and have a bucket of blood and Brandon started saying his "punchy bag thing in his throat was wrong and he couldnt breath". I called the nurse and she walked in and OMG he started vomiting clots after clots of blood. A LOT OF BLOOD, not blood mixed with saliva so it looks like blood, this was thick red blood and the nurse ran for the dr. He looked in his throat and said there was still a big clot back there and he was NOT touching it so he called the ENT who needed to get there quick for emergency surgery. After the surgery the ENT said it was a good thing the ER doc left the clot alone because it was on an artery and when he removed it, it started pumping blood. So he ended up admitting him since it was now 2am and he wanted to make sure he didnt throw up and rip something else open.

We are now home and Brandon is resting comfortably.
I need a nap.


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