Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 4

Chris worked from home today because they are anticipating a million people downtown tonight for the election party. So his boss asked if he was coming in, and sent out an email to everyone saying if you plan on working past 3pm, please just work from home. We talked about it last night, and Im sure its in case of rioting. I think a riot could happen out of anger if Obama looses, but I also think a bunch of drunks partying if Obama wins could lead to a riot too. Either way, Im not going anywhere near downtown. I already voted (Obama) and Chris is going to vote today. The kids are out of school today because of elections, and they had their elections yesterday. Kathryn's school voted Obama, and so did Brandon's.

This morning when I woke up, I couldnt stop thinking about the elections. Normally when Chris works from home, I sleep in. I just couldnt sleep in. Next year, I am not voting early, I love being apart of the election DAY. They didnt even give me a I voted sticker until I asked.
So I keep bugging Chris, "go vote", "I will", "go vote now", " I will". Grrr, just go vote already.

So I decide, since I am up early and everyone is home, Im gonna go get Mcdonalds for breakfast.
When I get back Brandon (8yrs) asks Ashlyn (3yrs)"who do you want to vote for? Obama or McCain?" Ashlyn reply's "Bacain" And Brandon quickly says "no Ash, you want Obama". And I quickly jump in and say "no Brandon, if she wants McCain, she can vote for McCain, thats what makes living in the US so great. You dont have to vote how everyone else votes, you get to vote for who you want, so if she wants McCain, dont try and change her opinion." Plus its really cute to hear her say Bacain.

So our house:
4 votes Obama
1 vote McCain

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