Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 6

Oh My !!!!!!!!
I almost failed my mission of blogging every day for 30 days. I just went to bed and realized today was the 6th. I pulled my happy butt out of bed and came all the way downstairs to blog. I wish I could be this dedicated to working out. I'd be a hottie in no time. LOL

Today was a good day. Mike and Cassie got here just in time to go to Katey's game. Katey has been sooooo excited about her Uncle Mikey and Aunt Cassie coming to her game. Her team lost, but they played really good. Im so proud of her. There was a little lesson in bad sportsmanship though. One of the opponant team members knocked one of our girls glasses off. Of course this was only an accident. However when the same girl then got elbowed in the ribs, it was out of line, and according to the mother so very deliberate. The girls mom told her if our girl did it again to pop her right in the face. The mother continued saying this crap and even pulled her daughter off the benches to tell her again to "knock her on her ass". Then when the game was over, she continued yelling about this to her daughter and the teamates, and I was not sure if the mother was going to follow the girl out or what was going to happen. I was seriously disapointed in the lack of sportsmanship from this mother. This is NOT what we should be teaching our girls. And our girl, is NOT aggressive at all. This girl got elbowed because she was crowding and our girl turned. It was so sad to see the mom freak out this way. But in the end, nothing came of it, and it was a good discussion on how not to behave at dinner.

I am off to bed now.

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