Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 14, updated

What a day.
We went for surgery this morning and it was not at the hospital, but at a surgery center across from the hospital. In the waiting room everything seemed ok, then they take us back to get him into a gown, and to wait to be taken into the surgery room. This 2nd waiting room was actually in recovery. This was pretty much an open room and half the room was for pre-op patients, and the other half was post-op. They had patients in and out so fast that Chris and I felt a bit uncomfortable. We felt like they just had patients stacked back to back. Im sure in the regular surgery in the hospital its the same way, but you are not right there seeing it all in the same room. There was no privacy and it was pretty crazy to see people in and out so quickly. Chris at one point said, should we reschedule for at the hospital cuz I dont like this at all. But because he's out of school for so long, and this has one of the weeks as a vacation week, its the best time for him to have it and miss the least amount of school. So we decided to just go thru with it.

Brandon was not scared at all, as we always tell him everything to expect, and he was really looking forward to the surgery. He didnt like waiting in the room, and asked the nurse if "we could get his party started" at one point. I had to explain to her that Bran's not afraid of needles, or blood, and wasnt scared of surgery either. I on the other hand had major butterfly's. So when they finally came to get him, he waved goodbye and started walking to the doors we had seen so many people go in and come back out. The nurse just looked at me with this WOW look on her face.

About 20 mins later the surgeon was already done and ready to talk to us. HOLY CRAP!! He's done? Which made us feel even more that we will never come back to this place, just made us feel like it was all rushed. Another 15 mins later and we are back in the room with Bran who is already eating a popscicle and looking quite stoned (for lack of better word). They gave him Demerol and Fentanol in surgery. After about 20 mins he started complaining about his throat and they gave him 2 more doses of Fentanol and we were being shipped out the door another 20 mins after his last dose. So basically we walked in the door at 7:30 and out the door at 10:30. I felt it was really soon to be letting us go, but Im sure they needed the space for other surgery patients.

Bran's been doing pretty well tonight. He's obviously uncomfortable, but he's being a total champ. He's not complaining much, but he's talking funny, he looks pitiful, and pale, and looks like it hurts bad when he swallows or talks. Katey got him a clipboard, paper and a pensil so he doesnt have to talk. Also I think he's had over 20 popscicles already today.

Chris, Carol (MIL ) Jim (FIL) and Katey went to see James Bond, and Bran, Ash and I are gonna cuddle up in my bed and watch a movie.

lots of love,

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