Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 30

Well so far we have been lucky.
Its wet out, but not a lot of snow, and not freezing cold. Its melting as fast as it comes down. I can deal with this.

But the bad news.....
Out stupid, mean, cat is sick. She's really skinny and at 1.5 yrs old she is so skinny she still looks like a kitten. She has these scabs on her neck, but no fleas, and she's been peeing in the house more, and she is now loosing a ton of hair. I took her to the vet today and she will us take her out and pet her, but she wont let the vet or anyone else near her. When the vet took her in back to get blood work and stuff, she wouldnt even let them open the cage door. So now I have to bring her back tomorrow to be sedated so they can scrape her scabs to check for parasites, test her blood, and do a full exam on her. I asked about giving her her shots and the vet said to wait until we know whats going on. She said she fears its something serious and doesnt want us shelling out a ton of money on shots and spaying if she is sick. We have not told the kids the vet feels she has a serious condition and will wait to we find out more.

But the good news.....
We heard back from the mortgage guy and he feels we qualify for a loan, I need to find out if we qualify for what the house is worth and should know this week if we are going ahead with the house. I am so excited and hope that we get to spend Christmas in our new house.

I am sick and exhausted so I am heading to bed.
Lots of Love,


Matt said...

Congrats on 30 days of blogging :)

Jeni said...

Um, no comments on the cat. Good luck with the house--so exciting!! And I hope you feel better.