Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 12

If you are reading this blog and you know me, you know that name. GAUDET!
Its one of the names that make my stomach turn. If you dont know me, Nate Gaudet is one of the kids who helped dismember my murdered cousin Adrianne Reynolds. Jan 25th it will be 4yrs ago. Nate plead guilty to conceiling a homicide and was sentenced up to 5yrs in Juvy. I learned tonight, that Nate GAUDET was released from Juvy yesterday. We knew this was coming. The reason they want to release him at this time, is so he can be on probation for a year without his records being sealed. If they waited till his 21st birthday he wouldnt have to be on probation and his juvy records are sealed on his 21st birthday. Basically, the government can be a watch dog over him for this next year, and if he gets into trouble he will have a past and will go to prison. I understand it, I dont like it. Its an uneasy feeling, knowing that someone capable of dismembering a body, and throwing it away like garbage, is walking around free right now. How does anyone who know what happened feel safe right now? Seriously, knowing I could go home to visit family, and walk into Target, and Nate Gaudet could be standing right there. Very unsettling feelings right now. I pray to God, that he changes his life around. I pray to God that he doesnt get back into partying, and the same crowd as before. I pray to God, that the people allow him to change his life, I just hope I never have to be "those people". I hope me and my children never have to come face to face with that monster. I can not believe the emotional rollercoaster this whole mess has been. I can not explain what I feel right now.
Why's and How's come back.

Why did he do this?
Why did he help them?
How can they let someone like this out of jail?
I have a lot of soul searching to do right now.
Somehow I have to come to peace with this.
How?? How do I come to peace with this?

A very disapointed, yet understanding, yet oh so confused,


Graycesmomma said...

I have never posted on your blog but I have followed you for a long time...I remember the day I read your very first post over on FOA about your cousin. I am so sorry for what happened to your family. I am so sorry that he is free. I hope that the other girl will never see a free day again.

You are in my prayers.

Myshel said...

Thanks so much for posting.. I didnt know I had a follower.. sweet. Nate isnt the guy that helped murder Adrianne. Cory and Sarah both murdered her, and Nate helped dispose of her. Cory got 40yrs plus 5 for conceilment, Sarah got 48yrs plus 5 for conceilment and Nate got up to 5yrs in Juvy for conceilment. This all just sucks and I am so emotional tonight. Thanks again for posting.

richard loft said...

I feel this country is in big trouble one of the many reasons is our courts and juries fail to impose capital punishment nearly enough this wont bring back this beautiful young girl . I watch a lot of these cases on tv and feel we arer far to easy when dispensing punishment .Sooo sad . It trully angers and sadens me . My deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of this young girl . richard, from napa ca.