Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 23

Ok, so Im full of some happy juice right now, so this post should be interesting to read in the morning hours. So I never thought anyone read my blog, really if nobody reads you can blog about anything and NOBODY cares. Holdy crap, I put this tracker thing on my blog and people from all over the place check me out. Wow, you checkin me out and not tellin me how hot my shit is??? Why doesnt anyone comment? So anyway, Im totally obsessed with this tracker, and I have had people from Omaha... what up lil sis! And people from Mokena... ok that's just me, People from carlsbad CA... Im guessing this is you cousin/sis Ellie... And I have visits from Port Byron.. that must be my good friends Jeni, and Dawn... but the rest of you.. Who are you?
Im calling you out Greensville North Carolina... sign my guestbook
Prescot Arizona... you know you wanna sign my guestbook
Belleville Illinois... where the heck is belleville? Sign baby sign.
Holy smokes.. Des Moines?? You know you wanna sign my guestbook.
NEW YORK !!! Is this family??? are you family and not signing my guestbook?
Findlay Ohio... I'll give you a dollar if you sign..
I even had someone from Halifax, Calderdale... where is this? Im so excited you visited me.
Geneseo... who are you?

I am so excited to know that people are coming to my site.
keep it up, and if you are bored with what I am writing, what do you wanna know about me? Cuz I still have 7 more day that I have to blog every day and I need some idea's already.

Ok, gettin bugged by the ever so handsome hubby, and I think I need another shot of happy juice.

Nighty night all,


Jeni said...

Hi, I'm stalking you.

Myshel said...

Hmmm, Do you log in at work?? Are you Davenport? I dont mind stalkers, I think they are fun.