Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 17

I put in this new tracker and lots of people check out my blog.
So if you are a secret blog checker-outer leave me a comment of who you are, and where you are from.... this is so exciting. I didnt know anyone read my blog.

Ok, so other news... I watched this news clip on CNN about an unmotivated boy, and he adopted a us soldier as a pen pal and it has helped the boy out a ton. It was really cute, and I checked out this website... and decided this might be fun for my family to do. So I signed up and today I got our soldier. His name is Jeremy K. I cant give out anymore information to keep his info. private for his safety. But I am very excited and cant wait to share this news with the kids. I emailed him today, and plan on getting a package ready to ship by this weekend. I cant wait to hear back from him. Also, please if you are religious, please pray for our soldier Jeremy K.

Brandon news... He is doing much better today. I had to back him off of the tylenol with codein meds due to some pretty bad nausea. He's doing so much better. He was starting to get dehydrated and is doing much better getting the fluids down now that he's not so nautious. He has gotten up a few times to play today, but tires out easily. He's now resting in my bed watching cartoons.

Not much else to report so check in tomorrow.
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Graycesmomma said...

I am glad that Brandon is feeling better. Poor guy. Hopefully he will be back to good real soon.

Wow! I had not heard of that soldier thing. I may have to check that out and do it as well. What a neat idea.