Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 13

Tonight Carol and Jim, Chris parents, drove up to come watch Katey play basketball, and watch Ashlyn and Kathryn tomorrow while we are at the hospital with Brandon. Katey had a very good game, and both the A and B teams WON!!!

Carol and Jim got to see Katey make a basket, and it was a very very intense game. I dont think I have ever been so stressed in all her games. This was a close game, and you couldnt go 1 min without at least 5 fouls being called, so this of course streatched the game out. It game down to the last sec. and the game was 12 -13. WHEW! Even the coach said, "holy cow, I am so drained, I feel like I played the entire game." It was a great final game.

Then after the game we went to dinner at our fav. Papa Joe's. They have the BEST italian food. Then we came home and Carol, who was afraid to even look at our snake Charlie, held him. It was really cool. Now we are off to bed, and have to get up early for surgery tomorrow.

Notice Charlie crawled up thru her hair.
Carol laughing at Charlie crawling around her neck.
I'll update tomorrow how things go.
Lots of Love,

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