Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 11

So far so good, I have posted on my blog every day for 11 straight days. My goal is 30 posts in 30 days. Im enjoying blogging everyday.

Today the kids are home from school to celebrate Gpa Jim's birthday, ok and its veterans day too. The morning has been pretty lazy, as its cold outside, but this afternoon is filled with dr. appts. Ash has been to the gastro (tummy dr.) before because of an issue she has. I have a follow up today and we got a big of a scare the other day when she started pooping blood, and this tissue looking stuff. I know gross, but she did. He said it sounds like she has a polyp, and wants to schedule a colonoscopy. So he's gonna check her out today and schedule that appt. Luckily for her they will completly knock her out for it. I was nervous at first but it will give us a lot of answers, and will not only look for polyps but could give us answers to why other things are happening.

Then Bran has a pre-surgery appt. Its really just to check and make sure he is healthy enough to have the surgery. He's hoping for shots, but he wont get any today, unless they need a blood check for some reason. His surgery is scheduled for this Friday, and he has to be there at 7am.

Well, I am off to eat lunch and head to the dr. appts.
Lots of Love,

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