Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 7 - my sister

Im so bummed today, my sister had to go home.
It's been a great week, and I love my sister so much. I seriously dont get to see her as often as I like. My sister is my best friend, and I already miss her. She totally made fun of me for crying when she left, but Im a cryer, I cry about everything. I even cried last night when we watched Gray's Anatomy.

So today we got the kids ready for school, and Cassie kissed them goodbye. Katey was really sad, and Bran was like.. ok bye. Trysta, Tryton, and Taeya all kissed them goodbye too. Then we all got dressed and went to Target, and then we went to Choo Choo Johny's for lunch. Tryton just LOVES trains, and this place is soooo cool. Its a totally train themed place, and they have a train going constantly above your head, and a train display, and pics all over the walls, and Thomas the Train playing on the tv, and train music, and video games. Tryton was so excited and was smiling ear to ear the whole time. Then when your food is done, they bring it out on a train, and the waitstaff are all dressed as engineers. It was really cool.
Then it was time to go. I really hate saying Goodbye, and hopefully Mike will get this job in Milwaukee and we will only be 2hrs away instead of 7hrs.

I miss you lil sis.
I love you,

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Anonymous said...

I miss you too. I love you so much