Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 27


We had a very nice dinner at my Aunt Jo's house last night with our family, and today we celebrated the whole day with Chris' side of the family. His family always has full day holiday's so everyone can make either lunch or dinner, or whatever fits your schedule and it makes having to share the holiday with other family members so nice. So we had a really nice lunch, and then sat around talking, then we had some desert, then we played some games (which I was the brunt of many jokes -Thanks Candice, Jen and CAROL... you just wait till Christmas!) But all jokes were in fun, and everyone had a great time. Then we had some dinner and sat around talking with Jen and Chad till about 10pm. It was a nice relaxing day. Oh and today was Carol and Chris' little cousin Abby's birthday, and yesterday was his little cousin Garrett's birthday... just another reason to celebrate.

Brandon is doing really well, you can tell when the meds start to wear off, but other than that he has played well, and rested well, and is doing really really good.... Im just not sure how he would have handled eating without Aunt Mabes fantastic noodles.

Well I am off to tuck the kids in bed and go to sleep myself, I am exhausted.
Oh and Candice... get studying!
Lots of Love,

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