Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 8

Not much happened today.
But today was still nice. I slept in, and Chris woke up with a tummy ache.
Then we decide to go to Best Buy and exchange my camera cuz it broke. They are gonna try to fix it, and if they cant then they will replace it. Then we went to Costco, where I got to see my fav. Costco guy. He was sad though, as he broke up with his boyfriend last night. Yeah, for me, I got an extra hug. I hate when my friends are sad. I told him it was ok, cuz we still loved him and he laughed. I guess I am always good for a laugh. Then we came home and Katey and Brandon had turned the house into a resturante. We were seated, given a menu, a candle was lit. It was soo cute. I ordered a hot cocoa with baileys, and some goldfish. I got a chocolate pudding for desert. Chris just ordered a hot cocoa with cream. Ashlyn ordered a juice and goldfish. It was so cute too cuz they got all dressed up, and Brandon even put his suit on. Then when it was over we even got a bill.... The whole bill came to $4. Im sooo going to the KK cafe again!!! Then Chris and the kids decided to cook hotdogs on the top of the wood burning stove. I just love the smell of a wood burning fire. Now Katey is at a friends house spending the night. I plan on watching SNL with Chris, and just relaxing the rest of the night.

Have a great night,

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