Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 10

Today was FAN-tastic.
I was actually a FAN at Kathryn's basketball game. This was their last home game. Chris stayed home today so he could go to her game. What a perfect day to choose to go. Both the A and B teams played very very well. Kathryn's last year teacher, Mr. Parker, is the announcer for the game.. well since, he was her last years teacher he knows that she is completely in love with Orlando Bloom,,,, so when he announces her he says....
"and number 12 is oakviews very own... KATHRYN BLOOOOOOM !!!"
And when she scores he says....
"and that basket was scored by BLOOOOOOM". This of course makes Katey's night, and all of her friends squeel in delight.

Ok, back to the game... The team did great, the totally kicked butt, and even Kathryn scored.

I am so happy with how well her team has improved every week, and how well they work together. She's got a real good bunch friends.

And now, Im going to bed.

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