Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 20

My husband.....

Chris and I went to Highschool together. He had a girlfriend Laura all thru highschool, and I pretty much dated Hector all thru highschool. I had algebra with Chris my freshman year, and Hector would walk me to class and everyday would get jealous of Chris. Everyday he would say, you like him dont you, and I would say No I dont. BUT, there was always something about Chris that I did like. But he always had a girlfriend, and I always had a boyfriend. Then my senior year, I went to prom with a friend Kevin, and Chris went with Laura. I was friends with both him and Laura and we had mutual friends. So our group hung out all night. Its funny because I have a video tape of all of us goofing around all night playing games, and being silly.

Well the weekend I turned 18, I went to a birthday party with my sister for her friend Carrie. Carrie had been dating Chris, but pretty much had him on hold so she could get back with her other boyfriend. Chris was at this party and brought his 4wheeler. Chris was the only other person I knew at the party and we hung out all night. I got a ton of 4wheeler rides. Well that night, I didnt have a curfew for the first time in my life, and I didnt want to go home. So Chris and I went out that night, driving around in his truck and on the 4wheeler, then we came back to my mom's and watched movies till about 4am. We went out every single night that week, that month, HOLY CRAP, how did it get to be 12yrs married? He was just the one. I guess I always knew it because there was always that pull, that something about him.

Now he is my husband of 12yrs, he is the father of my children, he is still the love of my life, and yes, he is my best friend. Chris and I talk about everything, and seriously when I say everything I mean it. If there is a hot guy that said hello to me today, Chris is the first person I call up, and he is the same way. We just fit, perfectly.

Well, yesterday we were at the hospital with Ashlyn. She was very nervous about the IV and all the monitor stuff they had on her to check her heart and to check her oxygen levels. When they took her to the procedure room, she was crying that she was thirsty. Chris reached up and grabbed the IV bag, and in the sweetest, calmest voice explained to her that the water in the bag goes thru the tubes in her IV so that she can have water without even having to drink it. She smiled and started asking him questions about it. The 3 young nurses that were standing there just got this awww face and looked at each other. Yes, they would have been putty in his hands had he not been married. And I just looked at him and thought to myself... yup, he's mine ladies, ALL MINE. I swear there is nothing sexier than watching a man be a sweet, tender, loving daddy.

Ashlyn did well and they found nothing serious. She was resting all night, and today woke up with a major appitite. Brandon seems to be in more pain the last 2 days, and today has pretty much just laid on the couch crying.. my poor baby.

So I am off to go make my kiddo's comfy.
Lots of Love,

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