Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 5

Last night and today have been filled with such excitment and emotion.
Last night was by far the most exciting election of my life. It was so exciting to sit and watch the numbers for Obama just go up and up and up. I was filled with so much hope and enthusiasm that the changes that our country need so desperatly, now have a real chance of happening. Regardless of how things went down, last night was marked forever in the history books. Either way we were having the first black man elected president, or the first women vice president. I am so thrilled, that my children got to be a part of this, and Kathryn will remember this forever.

Last night, we had Tommy and his kids over for dinner, then the kids went home and we started watching the polls. I was very excited about the elections, and also the fact that my sister, Mike, and the kids were on their way to our house. Such a great night. Tommy and Mike voted for McCain, and Me, Chris, and Cassie were OBAMA voters. It was great fun razzing each other all night long. Cassie, Mike and the kids finally got here about 10 and we had a great time hanging out till 2am. I miss my sissy!

Today Mike and Cassie went to Milwaukee for an interview (cross your fingers), and I have had the kids all day, and will have them over night... first time keeping them all night!
We have had a fabulous day, and I will be taking the kids shortly to go get Chris from the train.
Tryton just LOVES trains, so this will be fun.

Tonight I plan on having Chicken taco's, giving 6 kids baths, and all snuggly in Jammies, and settling down for the night. I do have to say, having a chaotic house, full of running kids, laughter, and screaming is the best thing ever!


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