Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 16

Today has been a pretty rough day for Boy.
He's been struggling with really bad nausia today and pain. Its been very hard to get him to eat or drink anything, and he started crying when I stood over him and made him eat a popsicle. You know its bad when a kid wont eat a popsicle. So he took a bite and grabbed the puke bucket and cried. I asked why he doesnt want to eat or drink, is it because your throat hurts. He said No, its cuz my tummy hurts and I think Im gonna puke. I called the dr. and he had me stop the tylenol with codein and give him ibuprofin for now. The pain should be at its worst around wed. or thurs this week, so he will need to go back on it. For now we have to get his tummy in control so he doesnt get dehydrated.

Tonight he is doing much much better. He ate a popsicle, and even ate some mashed potatoes. He's been in a much better mood too. Right now he is watching a comedy guy... Jeff Dunham with Chris and Katey.

Oh, other good news.. Chris and I have been talking about buying a house. We found a house that is rent to own, and its in the kids school district. We went and looked at it today and its HUGE. Im really excited about it and hope this works out.

I'll be back tomorrow for another update.

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Jeni said...

I hope Brandon continues to improve and tolerate foods/liquids. And most of all taht the surgery helps him in many ways. Get well rock star!