Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 30

Well so far we have been lucky.
Its wet out, but not a lot of snow, and not freezing cold. Its melting as fast as it comes down. I can deal with this.

But the bad news.....
Out stupid, mean, cat is sick. She's really skinny and at 1.5 yrs old she is so skinny she still looks like a kitten. She has these scabs on her neck, but no fleas, and she's been peeing in the house more, and she is now loosing a ton of hair. I took her to the vet today and she will us take her out and pet her, but she wont let the vet or anyone else near her. When the vet took her in back to get blood work and stuff, she wouldnt even let them open the cage door. So now I have to bring her back tomorrow to be sedated so they can scrape her scabs to check for parasites, test her blood, and do a full exam on her. I asked about giving her her shots and the vet said to wait until we know whats going on. She said she fears its something serious and doesnt want us shelling out a ton of money on shots and spaying if she is sick. We have not told the kids the vet feels she has a serious condition and will wait to we find out more.

But the good news.....
We heard back from the mortgage guy and he feels we qualify for a loan, I need to find out if we qualify for what the house is worth and should know this week if we are going ahead with the house. I am so excited and hope that we get to spend Christmas in our new house.

I am sick and exhausted so I am heading to bed.
Lots of Love,

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 29


I just checked the and it says we are under a winter storm warning and snow should start any time now. It will snow all day tomorrow and into the night and we should have 6inches by Monday morning... I hate the cold, I hate the snow, but I do love warm fire's when its cold out, and hot cocoa.


Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 28

Not much going on today.
I met Jen and the kids and went to firehouse - pottery place.
I had Timmy and Maddie, and Paige come too, and everyone made gifts for someone else. It was a really great time, and the kids loved it.

This evening we are going to Osaka, its my fav. Japanese resturant. Not sure whats going on tonight. We might go out, play cards, or even head home.

Have a great Black Friday.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 27


We had a very nice dinner at my Aunt Jo's house last night with our family, and today we celebrated the whole day with Chris' side of the family. His family always has full day holiday's so everyone can make either lunch or dinner, or whatever fits your schedule and it makes having to share the holiday with other family members so nice. So we had a really nice lunch, and then sat around talking, then we had some desert, then we played some games (which I was the brunt of many jokes -Thanks Candice, Jen and CAROL... you just wait till Christmas!) But all jokes were in fun, and everyone had a great time. Then we had some dinner and sat around talking with Jen and Chad till about 10pm. It was a nice relaxing day. Oh and today was Carol and Chris' little cousin Abby's birthday, and yesterday was his little cousin Garrett's birthday... just another reason to celebrate.

Brandon is doing really well, you can tell when the meds start to wear off, but other than that he has played well, and rested well, and is doing really really good.... Im just not sure how he would have handled eating without Aunt Mabes fantastic noodles.

Well I am off to tuck the kids in bed and go to sleep myself, I am exhausted.
Oh and Candice... get studying!
Lots of Love,

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 26

I just got back from the dr. and he said Brandon looks great. He said is blood counts are a little low, but still in the safe zone, and he is healing great. He gave us the all clear to travel 2hrs to the QC to celebrate Thanksgiving. YIPPIE !! We still have to make him rest, and we still have to keep him on meds and watch what he eats, but WE GET TO GO !!!

So Im gonna go pack, and clean, and load the van, and Chris decided to come home early.

I hope everyone has a safe, fun, Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 25

Well if you read my missed day 24 post, you know that I had a horrible night. Not much to say tonight. Im exhausted.

Bran is resting comfortably, and is very weak, very pale, very tired, and very grumpy. He got mad at me for eating peanut butter toast in front of him.
Sorry dude, next time listen to your wise all knowing Mama.

Im heading to bed early,
Nighty night.


Sorry now day 24 post.
I like posting in the evening so I can write about how the day went.
Well, last night Brandon wanted to eat some chips because he was feeling better, I said NO, Dad said Yes as long as he chews it real good. I again said no and went into the other room in protest. The chips were fine, then he wanted some sausage, I again huffed in disagreement but this time I didnt even argue with Chris, he knew I was against it and it wasnt worth a fight.... so I thought. A mothers intuition is usually right, and as soon as he swallowed the sausage he grabbed his throat and started crying, and spitting up blood, he went to the bathroom, opened his mouth and blood started pouring out. I wanted to go to the ER but Chris said no lets wait, he did this the other day too and it stopped. So after about 20 mins and still blood I called the dr. By the time the dr called he only had pink spit so we thought it was better, but then he cleared his throat and blood started flowing again. Dr said to get to the ER right away.

I arrive at the ER and have a bucket of blood and Brandon started saying his "punchy bag thing in his throat was wrong and he couldnt breath". I called the nurse and she walked in and OMG he started vomiting clots after clots of blood. A LOT OF BLOOD, not blood mixed with saliva so it looks like blood, this was thick red blood and the nurse ran for the dr. He looked in his throat and said there was still a big clot back there and he was NOT touching it so he called the ENT who needed to get there quick for emergency surgery. After the surgery the ENT said it was a good thing the ER doc left the clot alone because it was on an artery and when he removed it, it started pumping blood. So he ended up admitting him since it was now 2am and he wanted to make sure he didnt throw up and rip something else open.

We are now home and Brandon is resting comfortably.
I need a nap.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 23

Ok, so Im full of some happy juice right now, so this post should be interesting to read in the morning hours. So I never thought anyone read my blog, really if nobody reads you can blog about anything and NOBODY cares. Holdy crap, I put this tracker thing on my blog and people from all over the place check me out. Wow, you checkin me out and not tellin me how hot my shit is??? Why doesnt anyone comment? So anyway, Im totally obsessed with this tracker, and I have had people from Omaha... what up lil sis! And people from Mokena... ok that's just me, People from carlsbad CA... Im guessing this is you cousin/sis Ellie... And I have visits from Port Byron.. that must be my good friends Jeni, and Dawn... but the rest of you.. Who are you?
Im calling you out Greensville North Carolina... sign my guestbook
Prescot Arizona... you know you wanna sign my guestbook
Belleville Illinois... where the heck is belleville? Sign baby sign.
Holy smokes.. Des Moines?? You know you wanna sign my guestbook.
NEW YORK !!! Is this family??? are you family and not signing my guestbook?
Findlay Ohio... I'll give you a dollar if you sign..
I even had someone from Halifax, Calderdale... where is this? Im so excited you visited me.
Geneseo... who are you?

I am so excited to know that people are coming to my site.
keep it up, and if you are bored with what I am writing, what do you wanna know about me? Cuz I still have 7 more day that I have to blog every day and I need some idea's already.

Ok, gettin bugged by the ever so handsome hubby, and I think I need another shot of happy juice.

Nighty night all,

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 22

Today Chris decided to make my Grandpa's famous Amaretto Cake. Gpa always used a Dunkin Heinz yellow cake, and Chris wants to try and make it from scratch with no box mixes. So today he is making it and I sit here smelling this cake cook, and it smells yummy, and I watch as Chris puts the drizzle on the cake and now the cake looks and smells like my Gpa's cake. Yeah, the emotional side in me kicked in and I got all teary eyed. This will be the first Thanksgiving without my Grandpa, and Thanksgiving was the last holiday I got to spend with my cousin Adrianne.

On a happier note, Kathryn is having a slumber party tonight with 6 of her friends from school. Should be fun. Brandon's getting better every day, and Ashlyn has def. hit 3 1/2yrs old. Not sure why the 1/2 yrs are so bad, but she's got full attitude.

Im off to finish cleaning and try this yummy cake.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 21

Not much to write about today.
But I heard this song today and thought it was hillarious.
I couldnt make this shit up if I tried.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 20

My husband.....

Chris and I went to Highschool together. He had a girlfriend Laura all thru highschool, and I pretty much dated Hector all thru highschool. I had algebra with Chris my freshman year, and Hector would walk me to class and everyday would get jealous of Chris. Everyday he would say, you like him dont you, and I would say No I dont. BUT, there was always something about Chris that I did like. But he always had a girlfriend, and I always had a boyfriend. Then my senior year, I went to prom with a friend Kevin, and Chris went with Laura. I was friends with both him and Laura and we had mutual friends. So our group hung out all night. Its funny because I have a video tape of all of us goofing around all night playing games, and being silly.

Well the weekend I turned 18, I went to a birthday party with my sister for her friend Carrie. Carrie had been dating Chris, but pretty much had him on hold so she could get back with her other boyfriend. Chris was at this party and brought his 4wheeler. Chris was the only other person I knew at the party and we hung out all night. I got a ton of 4wheeler rides. Well that night, I didnt have a curfew for the first time in my life, and I didnt want to go home. So Chris and I went out that night, driving around in his truck and on the 4wheeler, then we came back to my mom's and watched movies till about 4am. We went out every single night that week, that month, HOLY CRAP, how did it get to be 12yrs married? He was just the one. I guess I always knew it because there was always that pull, that something about him.

Now he is my husband of 12yrs, he is the father of my children, he is still the love of my life, and yes, he is my best friend. Chris and I talk about everything, and seriously when I say everything I mean it. If there is a hot guy that said hello to me today, Chris is the first person I call up, and he is the same way. We just fit, perfectly.

Well, yesterday we were at the hospital with Ashlyn. She was very nervous about the IV and all the monitor stuff they had on her to check her heart and to check her oxygen levels. When they took her to the procedure room, she was crying that she was thirsty. Chris reached up and grabbed the IV bag, and in the sweetest, calmest voice explained to her that the water in the bag goes thru the tubes in her IV so that she can have water without even having to drink it. She smiled and started asking him questions about it. The 3 young nurses that were standing there just got this awww face and looked at each other. Yes, they would have been putty in his hands had he not been married. And I just looked at him and thought to myself... yup, he's mine ladies, ALL MINE. I swear there is nothing sexier than watching a man be a sweet, tender, loving daddy.

Ashlyn did well and they found nothing serious. She was resting all night, and today woke up with a major appitite. Brandon seems to be in more pain the last 2 days, and today has pretty much just laid on the couch crying.. my poor baby.

So I am off to go make my kiddo's comfy.
Lots of Love,

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 19

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to give you a heads up that my pop-pop is doing ok. Mom called last night and said his visiting nurse jumped the gun a little bit. He has bronchitis and wasnt doing his inhaler right, thats why he was having trouble breathing. So Im not sure if he is home or not, but it sounds like he will be ok.

Please keep Ashlyn in your thoughts today. She has her colonoscopy today, and so far the prep has been really hard on her. My poor baby has been pooping her brains out. She's extra crabby this morning, and between her and Brandon... chris and I were up almost all night.
I'll update later with how everything went.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pop Pop

I just got a call my grandfather just was taken by ambulance to the hospital.
Dont know why, dont know anything. Dont even know if this is bad.

Please pray for my gpa, as he has not been doing well lately.

Day 18

Ok, today I am really really anxious.
We went and looked at a house thats rent to own, its HUGE. We filled out our apps, and the guy just picked them up. I really really hope this works out. This would be the perfect house for us, its close to Katey and Brandon's friends house, and its in their school district. Did I say its HUGE. It would give us a ton more room, and a basement w/pool table. I know I always do this, I get really excited about something before we even know if its possible. Cross your fingers everything works out.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 17

I put in this new tracker and lots of people check out my blog.
So if you are a secret blog checker-outer leave me a comment of who you are, and where you are from.... this is so exciting. I didnt know anyone read my blog.

Ok, so other news... I watched this news clip on CNN about an unmotivated boy, and he adopted a us soldier as a pen pal and it has helped the boy out a ton. It was really cute, and I checked out this website... and decided this might be fun for my family to do. So I signed up and today I got our soldier. His name is Jeremy K. I cant give out anymore information to keep his info. private for his safety. But I am very excited and cant wait to share this news with the kids. I emailed him today, and plan on getting a package ready to ship by this weekend. I cant wait to hear back from him. Also, please if you are religious, please pray for our soldier Jeremy K.

Brandon news... He is doing much better today. I had to back him off of the tylenol with codein meds due to some pretty bad nausea. He's doing so much better. He was starting to get dehydrated and is doing much better getting the fluids down now that he's not so nautious. He has gotten up a few times to play today, but tires out easily. He's now resting in my bed watching cartoons.

Not much else to report so check in tomorrow.
Dont forget to leave a comment.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 16

Today has been a pretty rough day for Boy.
He's been struggling with really bad nausia today and pain. Its been very hard to get him to eat or drink anything, and he started crying when I stood over him and made him eat a popsicle. You know its bad when a kid wont eat a popsicle. So he took a bite and grabbed the puke bucket and cried. I asked why he doesnt want to eat or drink, is it because your throat hurts. He said No, its cuz my tummy hurts and I think Im gonna puke. I called the dr. and he had me stop the tylenol with codein and give him ibuprofin for now. The pain should be at its worst around wed. or thurs this week, so he will need to go back on it. For now we have to get his tummy in control so he doesnt get dehydrated.

Tonight he is doing much much better. He ate a popsicle, and even ate some mashed potatoes. He's been in a much better mood too. Right now he is watching a comedy guy... Jeff Dunham with Chris and Katey.

Oh, other good news.. Chris and I have been talking about buying a house. We found a house that is rent to own, and its in the kids school district. We went and looked at it today and its HUGE. Im really excited about it and hope this works out.

I'll be back tomorrow for another update.

What happened to Day 15?

Sorry, there was no post for Day 15.

Brandon's in a lot of pain, and its a big fight to get him to drink anything, even eat a popscicle. He wont even talk. I feel so bad for him, but I know this is all to make him better. We are only on day 3, and days 4-6 are the WORST. So its hard to know that worst is still to come. MY POOR BABY.

I'll update later today and tell you how he's doing.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 14, updated

What a day.
We went for surgery this morning and it was not at the hospital, but at a surgery center across from the hospital. In the waiting room everything seemed ok, then they take us back to get him into a gown, and to wait to be taken into the surgery room. This 2nd waiting room was actually in recovery. This was pretty much an open room and half the room was for pre-op patients, and the other half was post-op. They had patients in and out so fast that Chris and I felt a bit uncomfortable. We felt like they just had patients stacked back to back. Im sure in the regular surgery in the hospital its the same way, but you are not right there seeing it all in the same room. There was no privacy and it was pretty crazy to see people in and out so quickly. Chris at one point said, should we reschedule for at the hospital cuz I dont like this at all. But because he's out of school for so long, and this has one of the weeks as a vacation week, its the best time for him to have it and miss the least amount of school. So we decided to just go thru with it.

Brandon was not scared at all, as we always tell him everything to expect, and he was really looking forward to the surgery. He didnt like waiting in the room, and asked the nurse if "we could get his party started" at one point. I had to explain to her that Bran's not afraid of needles, or blood, and wasnt scared of surgery either. I on the other hand had major butterfly's. So when they finally came to get him, he waved goodbye and started walking to the doors we had seen so many people go in and come back out. The nurse just looked at me with this WOW look on her face.

About 20 mins later the surgeon was already done and ready to talk to us. HOLY CRAP!! He's done? Which made us feel even more that we will never come back to this place, just made us feel like it was all rushed. Another 15 mins later and we are back in the room with Bran who is already eating a popscicle and looking quite stoned (for lack of better word). They gave him Demerol and Fentanol in surgery. After about 20 mins he started complaining about his throat and they gave him 2 more doses of Fentanol and we were being shipped out the door another 20 mins after his last dose. So basically we walked in the door at 7:30 and out the door at 10:30. I felt it was really soon to be letting us go, but Im sure they needed the space for other surgery patients.

Bran's been doing pretty well tonight. He's obviously uncomfortable, but he's being a total champ. He's not complaining much, but he's talking funny, he looks pitiful, and pale, and looks like it hurts bad when he swallows or talks. Katey got him a clipboard, paper and a pensil so he doesnt have to talk. Also I think he's had over 20 popscicles already today.

Chris, Carol (MIL ) Jim (FIL) and Katey went to see James Bond, and Bran, Ash and I are gonna cuddle up in my bed and watch a movie.

lots of love,

Day 14

Brandon has his surgery this morning.

Tonsils -out

Adnoids -out

and Turbinoplasty
(basically redoing the inside of his nose, filing down the cartlidge)

This is pretty painful and he will be out of school for 2 weeks, plus back to school for at least 1 week with no physical activity. Thoughts and prayers today are welcomed.

Lots of Love,

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 13

Tonight Carol and Jim, Chris parents, drove up to come watch Katey play basketball, and watch Ashlyn and Kathryn tomorrow while we are at the hospital with Brandon. Katey had a very good game, and both the A and B teams WON!!!

Carol and Jim got to see Katey make a basket, and it was a very very intense game. I dont think I have ever been so stressed in all her games. This was a close game, and you couldnt go 1 min without at least 5 fouls being called, so this of course streatched the game out. It game down to the last sec. and the game was 12 -13. WHEW! Even the coach said, "holy cow, I am so drained, I feel like I played the entire game." It was a great final game.

Then after the game we went to dinner at our fav. Papa Joe's. They have the BEST italian food. Then we came home and Carol, who was afraid to even look at our snake Charlie, held him. It was really cool. Now we are off to bed, and have to get up early for surgery tomorrow.

Notice Charlie crawled up thru her hair.
Carol laughing at Charlie crawling around her neck.
I'll update tomorrow how things go.
Lots of Love,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 12

If you are reading this blog and you know me, you know that name. GAUDET!
Its one of the names that make my stomach turn. If you dont know me, Nate Gaudet is one of the kids who helped dismember my murdered cousin Adrianne Reynolds. Jan 25th it will be 4yrs ago. Nate plead guilty to conceiling a homicide and was sentenced up to 5yrs in Juvy. I learned tonight, that Nate GAUDET was released from Juvy yesterday. We knew this was coming. The reason they want to release him at this time, is so he can be on probation for a year without his records being sealed. If they waited till his 21st birthday he wouldnt have to be on probation and his juvy records are sealed on his 21st birthday. Basically, the government can be a watch dog over him for this next year, and if he gets into trouble he will have a past and will go to prison. I understand it, I dont like it. Its an uneasy feeling, knowing that someone capable of dismembering a body, and throwing it away like garbage, is walking around free right now. How does anyone who know what happened feel safe right now? Seriously, knowing I could go home to visit family, and walk into Target, and Nate Gaudet could be standing right there. Very unsettling feelings right now. I pray to God, that he changes his life around. I pray to God that he doesnt get back into partying, and the same crowd as before. I pray to God, that the people allow him to change his life, I just hope I never have to be "those people". I hope me and my children never have to come face to face with that monster. I can not believe the emotional rollercoaster this whole mess has been. I can not explain what I feel right now.
Why's and How's come back.

Why did he do this?
Why did he help them?
How can they let someone like this out of jail?
I have a lot of soul searching to do right now.
Somehow I have to come to peace with this.
How?? How do I come to peace with this?

A very disapointed, yet understanding, yet oh so confused,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 11

So far so good, I have posted on my blog every day for 11 straight days. My goal is 30 posts in 30 days. Im enjoying blogging everyday.

Today the kids are home from school to celebrate Gpa Jim's birthday, ok and its veterans day too. The morning has been pretty lazy, as its cold outside, but this afternoon is filled with dr. appts. Ash has been to the gastro (tummy dr.) before because of an issue she has. I have a follow up today and we got a big of a scare the other day when she started pooping blood, and this tissue looking stuff. I know gross, but she did. He said it sounds like she has a polyp, and wants to schedule a colonoscopy. So he's gonna check her out today and schedule that appt. Luckily for her they will completly knock her out for it. I was nervous at first but it will give us a lot of answers, and will not only look for polyps but could give us answers to why other things are happening.

Then Bran has a pre-surgery appt. Its really just to check and make sure he is healthy enough to have the surgery. He's hoping for shots, but he wont get any today, unless they need a blood check for some reason. His surgery is scheduled for this Friday, and he has to be there at 7am.

Well, I am off to eat lunch and head to the dr. appts.
Lots of Love,

Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 10

Today was FAN-tastic.
I was actually a FAN at Kathryn's basketball game. This was their last home game. Chris stayed home today so he could go to her game. What a perfect day to choose to go. Both the A and B teams played very very well. Kathryn's last year teacher, Mr. Parker, is the announcer for the game.. well since, he was her last years teacher he knows that she is completely in love with Orlando Bloom,,,, so when he announces her he says....
"and number 12 is oakviews very own... KATHRYN BLOOOOOOM !!!"
And when she scores he says....
"and that basket was scored by BLOOOOOOM". This of course makes Katey's night, and all of her friends squeel in delight.

Ok, back to the game... The team did great, the totally kicked butt, and even Kathryn scored.

I am so happy with how well her team has improved every week, and how well they work together. She's got a real good bunch friends.

And now, Im going to bed.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day 9

Today has been nice.
I woke up this morning to find my baby girl sleeping between me and Chris, and Chris with is hand upon my cheek, just looking at us sleep. It was so sweet to feel him rub my cheek and to open my eyes and see the gentle look of love and admaration in his eyes. Then I feel back to sleep. I then woke again to Ashlyn whispering in my ear, that I was her favorite, favorite, favorite princess in the EVER! She then rubbed my face and my head and said "Shhh, Shhh go back to sleep pretty mommy princess." It was so awesome. I snuggled my head up next to her and she just held me and laid really still so I wouldnt wake up. It was a magical morning. When I finally crawled out of bed, I walked into the hall and Kathryn was just walking out at the same time. She smiled and gave me a huge hug. I told her I had been reading that book she wanted me to read and we went to the table and both started reading our books. She's reading the next book, and apparently I have to read it too.

We have had a fire going all weekend, and had wood delievered this morning. Its the same guy we got it from last year, and he's really nice. Chris and him stacked it right outside the garage door, and this will be much easier to get at than last year.

Then Chris and I went to Jewel-Osco... ALONE! The kids didnt want to go, and Ashlyn asked sissy if she could stay with her. It was so nice to go and not have to yell at the kids for running or getting into stuff. Now Chris is mowing leaves and we will be going to Target later to get the girls winter coats. Brandon says tonight it movie night, so we will all get in our jammies, make hot cocoa and snuggle up to watch a movie... I cant wait. What a great day!

Lots of Love,

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 8

Not much happened today.
But today was still nice. I slept in, and Chris woke up with a tummy ache.
Then we decide to go to Best Buy and exchange my camera cuz it broke. They are gonna try to fix it, and if they cant then they will replace it. Then we went to Costco, where I got to see my fav. Costco guy. He was sad though, as he broke up with his boyfriend last night. Yeah, for me, I got an extra hug. I hate when my friends are sad. I told him it was ok, cuz we still loved him and he laughed. I guess I am always good for a laugh. Then we came home and Katey and Brandon had turned the house into a resturante. We were seated, given a menu, a candle was lit. It was soo cute. I ordered a hot cocoa with baileys, and some goldfish. I got a chocolate pudding for desert. Chris just ordered a hot cocoa with cream. Ashlyn ordered a juice and goldfish. It was so cute too cuz they got all dressed up, and Brandon even put his suit on. Then when it was over we even got a bill.... The whole bill came to $4. Im sooo going to the KK cafe again!!! Then Chris and the kids decided to cook hotdogs on the top of the wood burning stove. I just love the smell of a wood burning fire. Now Katey is at a friends house spending the night. I plan on watching SNL with Chris, and just relaxing the rest of the night.

Have a great night,

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy birthday sweet Kevy

Today is baby Kevin's 3rd birthday.

We love and miss you sweet boy.
You are always in our thoughts and so are your mommy, daddy, and sister.
Im sure today you are having the most beautiful heavenly birthday, and we wish we could be there to celebrate with you.

Missing you so much today, and always

Day 7 - my sister

Im so bummed today, my sister had to go home.
It's been a great week, and I love my sister so much. I seriously dont get to see her as often as I like. My sister is my best friend, and I already miss her. She totally made fun of me for crying when she left, but Im a cryer, I cry about everything. I even cried last night when we watched Gray's Anatomy.

So today we got the kids ready for school, and Cassie kissed them goodbye. Katey was really sad, and Bran was like.. ok bye. Trysta, Tryton, and Taeya all kissed them goodbye too. Then we all got dressed and went to Target, and then we went to Choo Choo Johny's for lunch. Tryton just LOVES trains, and this place is soooo cool. Its a totally train themed place, and they have a train going constantly above your head, and a train display, and pics all over the walls, and Thomas the Train playing on the tv, and train music, and video games. Tryton was so excited and was smiling ear to ear the whole time. Then when your food is done, they bring it out on a train, and the waitstaff are all dressed as engineers. It was really cool.
Then it was time to go. I really hate saying Goodbye, and hopefully Mike will get this job in Milwaukee and we will only be 2hrs away instead of 7hrs.

I miss you lil sis.
I love you,

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 6

Oh My !!!!!!!!
I almost failed my mission of blogging every day for 30 days. I just went to bed and realized today was the 6th. I pulled my happy butt out of bed and came all the way downstairs to blog. I wish I could be this dedicated to working out. I'd be a hottie in no time. LOL

Today was a good day. Mike and Cassie got here just in time to go to Katey's game. Katey has been sooooo excited about her Uncle Mikey and Aunt Cassie coming to her game. Her team lost, but they played really good. Im so proud of her. There was a little lesson in bad sportsmanship though. One of the opponant team members knocked one of our girls glasses off. Of course this was only an accident. However when the same girl then got elbowed in the ribs, it was out of line, and according to the mother so very deliberate. The girls mom told her if our girl did it again to pop her right in the face. The mother continued saying this crap and even pulled her daughter off the benches to tell her again to "knock her on her ass". Then when the game was over, she continued yelling about this to her daughter and the teamates, and I was not sure if the mother was going to follow the girl out or what was going to happen. I was seriously disapointed in the lack of sportsmanship from this mother. This is NOT what we should be teaching our girls. And our girl, is NOT aggressive at all. This girl got elbowed because she was crowding and our girl turned. It was so sad to see the mom freak out this way. But in the end, nothing came of it, and it was a good discussion on how not to behave at dinner.

I am off to bed now.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 5

Last night and today have been filled with such excitment and emotion.
Last night was by far the most exciting election of my life. It was so exciting to sit and watch the numbers for Obama just go up and up and up. I was filled with so much hope and enthusiasm that the changes that our country need so desperatly, now have a real chance of happening. Regardless of how things went down, last night was marked forever in the history books. Either way we were having the first black man elected president, or the first women vice president. I am so thrilled, that my children got to be a part of this, and Kathryn will remember this forever.

Last night, we had Tommy and his kids over for dinner, then the kids went home and we started watching the polls. I was very excited about the elections, and also the fact that my sister, Mike, and the kids were on their way to our house. Such a great night. Tommy and Mike voted for McCain, and Me, Chris, and Cassie were OBAMA voters. It was great fun razzing each other all night long. Cassie, Mike and the kids finally got here about 10 and we had a great time hanging out till 2am. I miss my sissy!

Today Mike and Cassie went to Milwaukee for an interview (cross your fingers), and I have had the kids all day, and will have them over night... first time keeping them all night!
We have had a fabulous day, and I will be taking the kids shortly to go get Chris from the train.
Tryton just LOVES trains, so this will be fun.

Tonight I plan on having Chicken taco's, giving 6 kids baths, and all snuggly in Jammies, and settling down for the night. I do have to say, having a chaotic house, full of running kids, laughter, and screaming is the best thing ever!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 4

Chris worked from home today because they are anticipating a million people downtown tonight for the election party. So his boss asked if he was coming in, and sent out an email to everyone saying if you plan on working past 3pm, please just work from home. We talked about it last night, and Im sure its in case of rioting. I think a riot could happen out of anger if Obama looses, but I also think a bunch of drunks partying if Obama wins could lead to a riot too. Either way, Im not going anywhere near downtown. I already voted (Obama) and Chris is going to vote today. The kids are out of school today because of elections, and they had their elections yesterday. Kathryn's school voted Obama, and so did Brandon's.

This morning when I woke up, I couldnt stop thinking about the elections. Normally when Chris works from home, I sleep in. I just couldnt sleep in. Next year, I am not voting early, I love being apart of the election DAY. They didnt even give me a I voted sticker until I asked.
So I keep bugging Chris, "go vote", "I will", "go vote now", " I will". Grrr, just go vote already.

So I decide, since I am up early and everyone is home, Im gonna go get Mcdonalds for breakfast.
When I get back Brandon (8yrs) asks Ashlyn (3yrs)"who do you want to vote for? Obama or McCain?" Ashlyn reply's "Bacain" And Brandon quickly says "no Ash, you want Obama". And I quickly jump in and say "no Brandon, if she wants McCain, she can vote for McCain, thats what makes living in the US so great. You dont have to vote how everyone else votes, you get to vote for who you want, so if she wants McCain, dont try and change her opinion." Plus its really cute to hear her say Bacain.

So our house:
4 votes Obama
1 vote McCain

Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 3 blogging

Today just flew by. My mom came in town for Katey's basketball game and we had a really nice time. Katey's team lost, but she was really happy to have her Grammie there. Then after we went to Papa Joe's for dinner. My mom and I shared a eggplant parm. and a cup of cream of mushroom soup. VERY YUMMY.
Tomorrow, I have to finish cleaning and mop, and then Wed. night Trysta, Tryton, and Taeya are coming to stay the night. IM SO EXCITED!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 2 blogging

Ok, so what to blog about today??

Today I went to the store with Chris, we went to Costco where I have the biggest crush on the gayest, cutest costco guy I have ever seen. Chris loves to tease me about this, as the guy is totally gay and has a really cute boyfriend. So we went to costco and I got my hug from my fav. costco guy and that always makes my day. Then we went to Petco to get our snake a rat. Now, we were leaving petco and Chris grabbed my hand and said, you know hunny, last night when we were laying on the couch watching tv, I could totally tell that you have lost weight. Now, this made my day even more than getting a hug at costco. Im down 1 pant size, which isnt a lot, but my kids and my husband are starting to notice, and I have been feeling so much happier about how I look lately. I still have a ways to go, but Im getting there.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nov. 1st - month of blogging day 1

Today is the first day of Nov. and I have agreed to blog every day for the month of Nov. I never seem to run out of things to talk about, but lets see if I have enough to BLOG about.

Last night was the most wonderful Halloween we have had in YEARS. I do not remember the last time we didnt have to bundle up in coats, or rain jackets. I was WARM. I even worried that Ashlyn would get too hot in her pony costume. It was great. We met up with a bunch of Katey's friends, and their parents, and went trick or treating in a HUGE group. It was awesome. It was nice to drink a beer and walk with other adults and really enjoy all our children giggling, and shouting, and using their manners. They are a really great bunch of kids. Then after the trick or treating, we went back to her friend Sydney's house. We had hotdogs, chips, and more beer. The kids went inside and the adults hung out in the gargage and driveway. It was a BLAST. We even found a couple who wants us to teach them how to play euchre. NOBODY knows how to play euchre out here.

Then we came back to the house to put Ash down to bed at about 10pm. Katey was having Allie spend the night and they wanted to watch Halloween... icks, I hate scary movies.. thank GOD it was not on, and they ended up ordering Baby Mama and stayed up till 1am. I went to bed.

Today, I am working on cleaning bedrooms, and later we are going to work on the leaves.