Thursday, January 27, 2011

Holy migraine

Well I was surprised by a phone call Tues. morning from Chris's cousin Danielle's friend Kelly, who Katey babysits little Charlie for. She was upset with her daycare center Charlie goes to and wanted to know if I would like to start watching him. HECK YEAH ! He's the sweetest little guy, its in town, and Ash doesnt have to change busses or anything. It works out perfectly. They drop him off in the morning. I get all the kids off to school. Charlie and I play for a few hours, then when Ash gets home from school at 11:45, we head to his house, have lunch, and he can nap in his own bed. Then Ash plays or watching tv while I catch up on my book. (House of Night series, AWESOME) This is a win win for everyone.... and I am totally spoiled because.. have I said HE'S THE SWEETEST LITTLE GUY EVER !!

The girls cheerleading comp. is coming up Feb. 5th!! CANT WAIT !! This is Ashlyn's first "class". She has totally LOVED being a cheerleader, just like her sissy Kathryn. Ash's class is dancing to Dynamite, and Kathryn's is dancing to Apple bottom jeans (?) This is gonna be FUN. Cassie and the kids are coming for the weekend, and Aunt Jenny might make it up for the day with Emma. I cant wait.

This weekend we are going with a bunch of friends to Medievil times, to celebrate Brandon's birthday, and 2 of our friends little girls birthday's. Gonna be a great time.

Well I have a migraine that is kicking my butt,
I'm off to bed.
Night all,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

this' and that'

The pool tourney was great fun, as usual. Kev. Jr had a very impressive come back after being shaken up the last 2 years. He won on an 8 ball break. Very awesome. The kids had a great time, and Brandon played a few games (not in the tourney), and now he wants to buy a pool table. I helped Ashlyn play one game and she enjoyed it as well. Great Job to all at the Wah-Fop-Toe.

The girls are both in competition cheer leading and very much enjoying it. Their competition for this session is Feb. 5th. They have been working hard and are very excited about it. Kathryn's team usually wins 1st place, so lets see if they can pull it off again this year. This will be Ashlyn's first competition. Carol and Jimbo, Grammie and Papa, even Aunt Cassie and the kids are all coming up to watch them compete. Should be a great day. I'll post pics soon.

Not much is up with Chris, still at Orbitz. I was babysitting for a family and due to issues I had to quit. Looking for another job. I have gotten involved with the youth group at our church. I now am a youth leader, but I dont lead anything. I help out on Thursday nights for the "Wildside" fun and games and then we end with "Time for Jesus" discussion and prayer. Then on Sunday nights we have our Youth Ministry. We have our own service, then we go downstairs and have discussion time. Kathryn and I really are enjoying this time. I have also signed up for the Retreat in March, and they want me to go on the Mission Trip in July.

Not much else is happening right now, just frozen with this darn weather. Can't wait to be sittin on a beach the end of March on our cruise.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Wassell Family Pool Tourney

Yes folks... its that time of year again.
The good ole Wassell Family Pool Tourney.

For those who don't know, every year we get together with the adults (16 and older) in Chris' VERY LARGE family and we have a double elimination no holds barred pool tourney. There is a flow chart thingy, a tourney director, and even a plaque with last years winner proudly displayed for everyone to see.

This has been going on longer than the 15 yrs I have been with Chris. It started in the basement of Uncle Wes and Aunt Mabes house, and has quickly grown too large, and has now been moved to an actual pool hall. We reserve 5 tables and it usually lasts about 8 hrs. With lots of snack, drinking and a whole lot of shit talking. It is looked forward to almost more than Christmas.

For the weeks prior to the pool tourney, the shit talking and shenanigans start via Email, and now facebook, and in prior year has even involved yard signs. During the tourney there are often other side jabs and gag games, usually put on by the tourney directors evil diminions Tara Gene, and Jeni, and Candice. I have witnessed a subsititue pod 6 competition, a history board of famous tourney directors thru the years, even a scientific twin challenge (my favorite). This tourney even has a directors chair and septor. I do have to say, even though I choose not to play, this is one tourney I do NOT want to miss.

In years past the tourney has been dominated by Kevin Sr, and Kevin Jr. But their rein of terror is OVER. 2 yrs ago they were shaken in their boots when Jarad whooped their asses, and last years big upset was Wendy and Tim in the finals. I am already biting my nails with anticipation on who will kick who's ass this year.

Now, if Sunday could hurry up and get here.. oh and GO BEARS!!

Mid Jan.

How do I go so long without updating?
I guess I am just not as funny or quirky as others.
My life is boring.

Lucky for me, I set up my friend Doyle with a blog, she is funny shit, let me tell you.
I want to remake some of her goofy story's, and if she'd send this stuff to SNL she'd be loaded.

Anyway, life is going good.
I'll try to update more.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas break coming to an end.

Today marks Chris' last day on Christmas break.
Tomorrow is mine.
Tuesday is the kids.

We have had a fantastic break. Kathryn had to be part of the 5pm Christmas eve service at our church for her confirmation class. Then we hit the road to travel to the QC for Christmas since a storm was a comin. We made it just in time for the 11pm candle light service at Carol's church. It was beautiful, and with a quick call to Jen, Carol had all of us there for service with her. Then we rushed home to get kids in PJ's, read the night before Christmas, and put out cookies and milk. Getting the kids to bed at about 1am WOW!

Christmas morning I was woke up at 8:15am and the kids had opened their stockings. We waited for Carol and Jim to come up and started opening gifts. Everyone got everything they always wanted of course. The kids recieved air soft guns which Jim and Chris and the kids quickly started shooting, in the living room, at targets and each other.

Lunch was at Wendy's and we had a fabulous time with family.
Dinner was at my mom and dad's, and it was a true blessing to spend Christmas with Nannie and Pop pop this year. Pop's even came out to the living room 3x's on Christmas which is HUGE for him since he is pretty much bed ridden. He enjoyed watching the kids open gifts, and we enjoyed his reaction to the horse Brandon gave to pops, that he painted himself. Nannie got a little overwhelmed, but truly enjoyed spending time with everyone.

Then we had a few days of playing in the snow with cousins before heading home to New Lenox.
It's been pretty easy going here. Jen came up with the boys and Alex, chris' cousin.

Kathryn participated in the 30 hr famine with her confirmation class and youth group.
I am very proud of her for doing this, and amazed at how much she learned and took away from this challenge. They all stayed over night at the church and did some skits and games that raised awareness to the starving children in Haiti. The church had sponsors and raised money for these children.

We had a few friends over for New Years Eve. We had a blast. We enjoyed shrimp, crab legs, and lobster tails, and lots of drinks. We played spoons, and card golf, and counted down at Midnight. Fun was had by all.

Today is laundry and movies, and just hanging out relaxing.
Chris has a fire going in the fire place and I am just gonna snuggle up with my family.

Happy New Year