Sunday, January 31, 2010



(Hey Candice, thanks for checking in.. YOU ROCK )

Sorry, I have not updated in forever.
I am in the process of reorganizing our lives. Dont get me wrong, our lives are GREAT! I am happy, I am in love, I have great children. But, I think we need to get a bit more organized. I have always been a spontaneous jump and do whatever kinda person. But I feel we need more structure. I have started with the house, and next is closets and going thru clothing. We are also going to be incorporating exercise into our daily schedules, and eating better. Im not happy with my weight, and I can continue with the "who cares, who am I impressing" kind of thinking, and start impressing MYSELF. But, I also think it would be cool to be "that wife", "that mom". I want to do more activities, and more game nights. I want to have an active family life because sitting on the couch, watching movies is nice, but I want long lasting memories. My kids are growing up way to fast. I have a 13yr old for crying out loud. In 5 years she will legally be able to move out. These years are slipping away way to fast. So I supose I can slip in some time for updating this site. I mean, why keep paying for a site if I never update it right?

Well anyway, I am rambling.
I will keep you posted on our progress.