Thursday, October 30, 2008

National blogging month

November is national blogging month... so I am going to update my blog every day for 30 days of Nov. What on earth will I blog about?? Check in to find out!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ok, mexico update

So.... how was Mexico??

First we had to get there!
Fri- Oct 17th,
We were supose to be the first ones to arrive in LA. We flew out of Chicago first thing in the morning, we arrived in Denver and ran to catch our connecting flight. My cousin Ellie was going to be meeting us in LA to spend the day with all of our kids. So we run to the connecting flight and its been cancelled. We run to the customer service desk and there is a HUGE line. I call Ellie and give her a heads up, and hear the disapointment in her voice. Seriously, how can we be soooo close, yet sooo far away? I finally get to the front of the line and the best they can do is get us a flight out at 9:30PM. Ok seriously?? 10 hrs in an airport with 3 children? I was not happy and had to completly cancel our visit with Ellie. Katey was in tears. Luckily the airline compensated us very well and we got $900 worth of airline vouchers and food vouchers. 10 hrs later we are on a plane with 3 kids who are about to lose their minds, and 2 parents who are ready to DRINK! We arrive in LA and finally get into bed at 2am.

Sat- Oct 18th,
Today we woke up early and had breakfast and we were very excited to be able to see our cruise ship from our hotel room. We all (24 of us, wearing matching blue shirts) take shuttles to the pier and wait in line to board the ship. It was stressful and HOT, but we were standing in front of the ship and it was HUGE. We make it thru a long reception line, get registered and whoooo hooo, we get to go onboard! We finally found our room, got on swim suits and headed for the pool to relax the rest of the day! That night after dinner, we took the kids to their first show, it was a hillarious juggler and they had a blast!

Sun - Oct 19th,
Today is Chris and I's 12th wedding Anniversary, and also our first at sea day.
It was really cool being hugged and congratulated by family all day. Jim (my father in law) even got us a present... well, he got me a present... BUBBLE WRAP! I am sooo addicted to bubble wrap and cracked up laughing when I opened it. The kids spent almost the entire day at the pool, and it was really nice to just sit by the pool and drink, and chit chat. Very relaxing day. Chris and the kids and I dressed up nice for dinner, Bran even wore his suit. At dinner a very proud Carol (my mother in law) told the wait staff that it was our anniversary, and they brought us a cake and sang "Let me call you sweetheart, Im in love with you". It was really sweet. We got family pics taken that night, and Ashlyn was very exhausted and crashed early.

Mon - Oct 20th,
Today was our first port day. We arrived in Cabo San Lucas and took a catamaran ride to Lands End , and we saw Los Arco's and Lover's beach. Jen and the boys went with us, and Carter even spotted wild sea lions on a rock. Katey was in her glory here as Lands End was in Pirates. We then arrived at a local beach and spent the rest of the day being hounded by people trying to sell us stuff. The kids had fun playing in the sand and in the waves. That night we went to dinner, and it was Chris's twin Uncle's, Tim and Terry's birthdays. The wait staff sang Happy Birthday to them, and Jim gave them each half of a candy bar... together they made a whole.. it was really funny.

Tues - Oct 21st,
Today was our day in Mazatlan, and Jen's birthday. Jen and I settled on this stone island excursion because nothing stood out to us. The only thing we really liked about it was free drinks! Well, this ended up being the best port. We had a catamaran ride around the harbor showing us shrimp boats and the coast line. Then we had a tractor ride, pretty much a hay rack with bench seating. It took us all thru town and to a private beach resort. It was beautiful. There was about 30 people there, and hammocs lined the building. It was paradise. Free drinks, Free lunch, no vendors hounding you, and waves... HUGE waves. Then we got to go on a horseback ride along the beach. The kids and I thought this was the best part. They even wanted to put Ashlyn on her own horse with a seat belt, but we said NO WAY. It was just amazing. Then we went back to the ship and had dinner with the family. Jim, who apparently had a very good time on his excursion wasnt up for dinner, but he sent his gift for Jen. 7 pairs of socks, each for a different season... ie, halloween, 4th of July, Thanksgiving... Carol loves these silly socks and Jen always makes fun of her. Jen was just cracking up as she opened each present. Again the waitstaff sang Happy Birthday, and I am sure by now they are not believing us about all these "special days".

Wed - Oct. 22nd,
Today was our last day at port. We were at Puerto Vallarta today, and this was the day we went on the Pirate ship. This was the excursion that the kids were most looking forward to. Today was cool, because we got to go with Jen and the boys, Carol and Jim, Aunt Vicki, Uncle Terry, Greg, Aunt B, and Uncle Tim. Blaker got picked to go on stage and had to feed Jen blindfolded. He got yogurt all over her and won a Tshirt. Brandon then got picked to be in the main "play". He ended up being the captain's son and then got kidnapped. He had a sword to his throat and even a "gun" to his head. Then the good pirates came and rescued him and he became captain of the ship. It was really cute, and he won a pirate bandana. We were served breakfast and lunch on this cruise and it was really really good. We got to go snorkling, and played at the beach. The kids got to do a treasure hunt and Ashlyn found the burried treasure, and they got to do banana boat rides. It was an adventure they will never forget. Then when we got back to the ship, Me, Katey, Jen and the boys went back out and went shopping at a flea market... it was really neat. We ended up doing our own thing for dinner and had a really great day.

Thurs- Oct. 23rd,
Today was Gma Ann, and Gpa Wendell's 60th wedding anniversary.
It was another at sea day, and the kids spent most of the day at the pool. We had a really nice coctail party before dinner and had drinks and appetisers. Carol, Tim, Terry and Wendy all gave really nice speeches, and we got pictures taken. It was a really nice time, and Gpa hugged my crying and that totally set me off.. I am such a softy. Then we all went to dinner and they sang to them. Im sure by now they were really tired of singing to us, but we were so proud of them. Tonight was also the chocolate buffet. I stayed in the cabin with Ash, but Chris and the kids went and LOVED it.

Fri- Oct. 24th,
Today was our last day at sea. I think you can guess how we spent the day.. Yup at the pool.
However, I didnt drink a whole lot on the cruise, but today was different. They had these really cool glasses, and Carol wanted a set of 8. So Me, Carol, Jen and Wendy got a round of drinks. Well that turned into Me, Jen and Wendy all wanting glasses too. Well that turned into 3 really happy buzzing girls who were in love with their waiter, who were a little loud and obnoxious, and having WAAAAY to much fun! We started wanting 8 glasses... Well, Carol got 8, Jen got 8, Wendy got 8, and I ended up with 10..... Can you say RUM PUNCH! This was soooooo much fun, and I really am glad I got to have a day of being silly and drinking to much, and not having to worry about it.. after all, we were on vacation and nobody had to drive home.

Sat - Oct. 25th,
Today we had to leave, board a plane... no delays, and go home to freezing cold Chicago.
Goodbye 90-100 degree's in Mexico, Hello cold and windy Chicago. Today was only 43 degrees out. I am ready to go back to Mexico.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


We had a blast in Mexico.
I'll update more later, but for now... PICS
Lots of Love,

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Busy week

I am so excited that Tomorrow we leave for our much anticipated vacation. We fly out first thing in the morning and are headed to LA. When we get there my cousin Ellie and her husband Bob, and their 3 kids will be meeting us for the day. I am so excited that Bran will have Donovan to play gameboys with, and Ashlyn will have Emily and Riley to keep her busy. Katey of course will be gossiping it up with Aunt Ellie. We plan on doing dinner and just chilling out at the hotel, or the beach. It will be nice to let the kids go swim or just play so we can get some catching up, but mostly, I just look forward to seeing the kids play together. Nothing is better to me than watching my neices and nephews and my kids grow together as family. Then through out the day Chris family will arrive at different times. It will be exciting to see everyone trickle in. Chris' cousin Pete is living out in LA in his quest to become a famous director, and we are hoping he will be able to make a visit.

Sat. morning we will get up and have breakfast and then head over to the cruise ship. I am really excited to see their expressions when they see how big the ship is. Chris' said this ship is almost twice as big as the ship he took me on for our 5th anniversary. He also said this will be the biggest ship he has ever been on. This will be a fantastic treat for all.

Sun. is my and Chris' 12th wedding Anniversary. Its really crazy to think that 12yrs have gone by as husband and wife. He really makes my life so complete and I am so proud to be his wife and the mother of his children. I always tell him that all my dreams have come true because of him. Sun. is also our first at sea day. Lets hope none of us get sea sick.

Mon. we arrive at Cabo San Lucas, not sure yet what we are doing here, but I am sure it will be a blast. The weather is supose to be sunny and hot... mid 90's!

Tues. we arrive at Mazatlan. We were supose to go on our dolphin excursion this day but the early bird gets the worm, and our trip was full... so not sure what we are doing this day. The weather is supose to be partly cloudy with highs again in the 90's.

Wed. we arrive at Puerto Vallarta. Here we are planing on going on a pirate adventure. We board a huge pirate ship and go on a 2hr sail where they will serve us a buffet breakfast. Then we arrive at a beach where we get to banana boat, boogy board, snorkel, kayake, sand volleyball and other beach type stuff. Then we get back on the pirate ship where we are searved lunch, and we get to watch a real pirate fight with canon blasts and sword fights... then the real fun begins when they open the bar... Tequilla !!!

Thurs and Friday are at sea days again, and we arrive back in LA on Sat morning.

I will update real soon with pics and tales of our adventures.
Lots of Love,

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My buddy

Bran Buster Brown,
How do you not look at that gorgeous smile and not fall in love with this boy?
My boy, is the sweetest, loviest, craziest, funniest, most awesome little boy EVER!
My sweet little man has been having trouble with school and I took him into the dr. He checked out his tonsils and said they were huge and scarred. He said that many times kids are misdiagnosed with ADD or learning disabilities when actually, their tonsils are enlarged causing snoring, sleep apnea, and unrestful sleep. So he suggested we go to the ENT for possible tonsillectomy. Upon going to the ENT, we were informed that not only are his tonsils enlarged but so are his adnoids.. so much that the back of his nose is 60% blocked. But thats not the worst of it, the nasal tissue is so enlarged and inflamed that the front of his nose is pretty much blocked off. Add all of it together and the Dr. is afraid Bran's got some serious sleep apnea problems. He wants his Tonsils and Adnoids removed, and a Turbinoplasty (big word for reconstruct the inside of his nose). All I was expecting was the tonsils removed. So I am a little blown away with everything that needs to be done. Im also surprised that I didnt notice him having such horrible breathing problems, but now that I know, things really make sence.
But hopefully this will help Brandon in many ways.
AND he's looking forward to all the icecream and popsicles.