Wednesday, August 20, 2008

1st day of school

Today was the dreaded 1st day of school. I hate the 1st day of school, hate it, hate it, hate it.
I do my part, I get them ready, I encourage them all morning that they will have a great day, I tell them they get to see friends and meet their really nice teachers. Then I kiss them, tell them to have a great day (which I do every single morning) and I sit and watch the bus pull away. Then I cry, I cant help it, my babies are gone. Every single year I think it will get easier and it does NOT. I wish I had enough organization to just home school them, but I know they enjoy going, and its good for them. I just wish they would stay babies longer.

So now I am getting off this computer and going to spend a nice family night tonight, because tomorro is the first FULL DAY!
Please, please... hurry up Oct so we can take a week off and go on the cruise.
Then we can count down till winter break, then spring break, then SUMMER!

Lots of Love,

Friday, August 8, 2008


Today's FFF (favorite foto friday) is:
Having a ball.

Well since we are not very athletic here at the Power House, I cant seem to find a picture of us with balls.. However, we "had a ball" when we took friends for their first ever trip Downtown Chicago.

Train ride
Soaking wet Mom's after the storm
The kids climbing on sculptures
Gracie, Kathryn, and Brandon playing under the bean
Buckingham fountain

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Once again, Tornado's

Last night, once again, we had to take shelter under our crawlspace.
There was another tornado close to our home, and this time we didnt go chase it.
We had one of Kathryn's friends over and the neighbors had just brought us over desert.
Then the alarms sounded off, and we took the desert and headed downstairs. It was very loud outside and lots of lightning and thunder. The tornado touched down 1 city away from us, and into Chicago itself. CRAZY !

We are all safe and we still have power.

Monday, August 4, 2008

My brother

We came home for the weekend, and while we were home my brother got into a motorcycle accident. Luckily, he is all right, but he got banged up pretty good. They took him to "surgery", but it sounds like they just sedated him so they could scrub all the road rash and stitch him up. He got 30 stitches and he cant open his eye. From what I heard, he was riding with the neighbor and a friend of the family, and a truck pulling a camper pulled out from a side street. The guy in the truck didnt see another guy on a bicycle on the side of the road and slammed on his brakes. One of the motorcycles stopped, the other one started to loose controll then regained control and stopped, Alex's breaks locked up and Alex went flying one way and his bike flew into one of the other motorcycles. Alex's head bounced off the cement and they took him by ambulance to the hospital where they cleaned him up and kept him over night for observation.
According to Mom, he's ok, but he's pretty shaken up over it.
Im just thankful he is alive, and if he ever gets on a bike again, he will re-think the helmit idea.