Sunday, February 13, 2011

Noah's Jump Rope for Heart

We have another great friend who is doing Jump Rope for Heart.
He is close to making his goal.. Can you help?

These kids are doing such a good job for Hearts. It's such a great cause.
Noah had a great time doing this last year too.

Check out Noah's homepage to help out.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jump Rope for Heart

Emily met her original goal and had raised her goal to $1000.
Lets help her meet this goal


A friend of our's daughter Emily is doing Jump Rope for Heart in honor of her brother Kevin Kruse who died in 2008 from congenital heart disease. She has already met her goal, but lets see how much above and beyond we can go to help fight heart disease.
This family is so close and dear to my heart.
Please will you help?

Check out Emily's head quarters and donate what ever you can.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Lenox Wildcats Seniors

New Lenox, Seniors the best by far
this is the big show, and we are the stars
The name on our vests shows who (clap clap) we are.
Our mission is clear and we plan to uphold
A tradition of champions who will always wear gold
We are everything you're not
You know you want it you want what we've got
Go wildcats!

Senior Wildcats, We're number one
We know exactly how to get the job done
We are comin back for more
2011 we dominate this floor
There is nothing that we cant do
See it, believe it
We speak the truth


Once again Kathryn and her team kicked butt at competition. It was very exciting this session because Kathryn's best friend Ali joined. I am so proud to see my Tom Boy Pirate enjoying being a cheerleader. She has really become so well rounded this last year. Way to Go Kathryn, Ali, and all the rest of the Wildcats! Looking forward to another session.


We are the wildcats were Gold, Black and White
You know why were here,
and you know were DYNAMITE.
Wildcats are on the prowl,
were ready to attack,

New Lenox will dominate

We're fired up
We're sizzlin
We're turnin up the heat.
New Lenox JV
We can't be beat

We're too hot to handle,
Just wait and see
Everybody knows the winner will be
New lenox JV !!


Congrats to Ashlyn and her team for winning 2nd place at their competition. I was so proud to watch Ashlyn in her very first sport, her very first competition. It amazes me daily how far she has come, and I am so very proud of her and the entire team. Way to bring it girls.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Holy Snow Balls

Well once again we were under a winter storm warning, and blizzard warning. Chris keeps getting depressed because he wants all the snow they keep preparing us to get, but ever single time the storm hits just above, or just below us, giving us just a dusting. Well, not this time. We were a direct hit to the bulls eye. We got at least 20 inches of the powdery stuff, and the winds were incredible. It was a total white out blizzard. Chris and the kids were soooooo excited. School let out early on Tues, no school Wed, and then we got the call Wed. afternoon. NO SCHOOL THURS. That's just unheard of. No school 2 days in a row??!!

The roads are pretty much clear, at least one lane in each direction. But a lot of people's driveways and alley's and streets have not even been touched by a plow yet. As of yesteday afternoon, there were still cars stranded on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. Some people were stranded for 10 hrs, and now they are trying to get the cars towed so they can plow and re-open the streets. Its just plain crazy up here.

THEN to add to all the chaos, an artic blast has blown thru here dropping temps and wind chills to -40 degrees. What the heck?! I think Mother Nature had herself a party and passed out!

I hope you enjoyed the pics.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowmagedon 2011

Well, Snowmagedon is just about to hit and hit hard.
Everyone is freaking out. I'm not. We have food, we have drinks, and we have wood. The fireplace is stocked and ready to go. School's getting out early, and probably no school tomorrow.
I'm looking forward to a nice day home with the family.