Monday, September 21, 2009

Heaven's newest angel

My Uncle Jaime has been sick in the hospital for a week now. He had Pneumonia, and started to respond to the antibiotics. Then his heart stopped and they got it going again with just a few compressions. My mother flew out to New Jersey yesterday and took my Nannie up to visit him. He is Nannie's brother. 3 hrs after their visit he passed away. I am so greatful that my mother got their in time for Nannie to go see him and say goodbye. Uncle Jaime was the coolest man I have ever met. Im so greatful to have known him, and that my children got to know him as well. Kathryn remembers him as "crazy hair guy". Which is really funny because his brother Mossey, I knew him as "oreo cookie guy". I remember when they came up for my sister's birthday, and he was so impressed that we were playing Euchre. He wanted to sit and watch us play. He was so proud because this was an old Irish game and that being our heritage just impressed him. He also liked to do drinks and shots with us and was so much fun to hang out with. I will always be reminded of him when I play Euchre, and will always have a smile on my face thinking of his crazy hair, and his love for his family. I miss you so much already.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We went home this weekend and has a fabulous BUSY weekend.
Friday night we went out with friends. We went Kareokeing and had a great time. I cant believe I actually got up and sang. Then on Sat, we went out to dinner with the family to celebrate Kathryn's 13th birthday. She wanted Chinese and it was very yum. She got many nice presents, and even got a laptop and a bag of her fav. chips. I think she was very, very spoiled. Then Sat. night Chris and I , and Jen and Chad all took the kids to the Circus. It was AWESOME. We havent been since Katey and Brandon were little, and we are going to start going every year. I dont know how many times I screamed OH MY GOD, and LOOK AT THAT. It was fantastic. Next year, we need to get everyone to go and get group tickets. Sunday we went to Jen and Chad's to celebrate Emma's birthday. We had a very nice time and had a bonfire after. It was a very fun, busy weekend. Now we are home, and I am just exhausted. I hope everyone had a safe fun weekend as well.

P.S. My friend Natalie's daughter Sam and her boyfriend Zach made it safely home.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Samantha Jacobs and Zach Knox missing 1 week

UPDATE 9/4/09 3pm
Plans are being made to go get them in California.
Thanks for everyone's prayers and support.

Samantha Jacobs and Zach Knox age 16,
have been missing from Moline Illinois for 1 week now.

Zach plays the guitar and may try busking
or show up at open mic nights to make money.

Sam has her right eyebrow pierced.

1999 maroon Lumina with IL plate number K177427

They left sometime on Aug. 28th and had been believed to be headed to Austin Texas or New York. As of 9/1/09, we had confirmation that the kids were in fact in Seattle Washington, and have since notified their parents that they have left the area. They could be headed anywhere.
They have little to no money. If you see them, please contact
Detective O'Brien 309-797-0401

Please keep the parents in your prayers. This is really taking a toll on them. Please also keep the kids in your prayers. We all want them home safe. Thank you for checking in and for sharing our story. Please continue to spread this to everyone you know. Just imagine if this was your child. You would want everyone doing everything they can to help bring them home safely.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Samantha Jacobs & Zach Knox still missing

Samantha Jacobs and Zach Knox
have been missing since 8/28/09.
They are missing from Moline, Illinois and may
be traveling to Austin, Texas or New York.
They're 16 years old.
Sam has her right eyebrow pierced.
Zach plays the guitar and may try busking
or show up at open mic nights to make money.

They're driving a 1999 maroon Lumina with
IL plate number K177427.
If you see them please contact
the Moline PD at 309-736-5642.



Unfortunatly, we have nothing to update at this time. All we hope is that they are safe for now, and that we want them to come home. If you read this please take a good look at their picture, we are hoping that somebody will recognize them and help us bring them home. Please share this site and our story with everyone you know. The more people who see their picture and have the information about the car, the better the chances we have of getting them home safely.

8/31/09 - 10:22am

After talking to Sam for about an hour via email last night (masked IP addy, unfortunately) the only real new info I gleaned is that Zach doesn't have his phone any longer, either, he just didn't leave it at home. Hopefully he ditched it someplace where someone might find it and use it so we'd get at least an idea of which direction they went. Sam assures me they're fine and have a plan and said they'll "only" be gone for a year and a half at most. She spoke of the plan in general terms - nothing specific except that the future she'd mapped for herself wasn't the future she wanted and she felt trapped and wanted to focus on her writing. She didn't say anything specific about Zach's plan but it's safe to assume it involves his music. That's really all the new info I have but I'll keep people posted as she contacts me.
Original Post
8/28/09 - 9:34 pm
These are the details as we know them:

This morning, Sam was dropped off at Moline High School, where she is a junior, by her dad. By our best estimation, she then met up with her boyfriend, Zach Knox, and drove to Prospect Park where they left Zach's car. They then went to Samantha's dad's house and stole his vehicle...I want to say it's a Lumina but I'm hazy on that and will have to check.Yesterday Samantha cleaned out her savings account and cashed her paycheck - roughly $300. Zach had a little money as well.Zach took his guitars, clothes and laptop but left his various IDs at home, including his drivers license. Samantha, on the other hand, packed virtually nothing (not even her cell phone) but took her wallet and ID.Last week Samantha checked a book out of the library that was titled something like "A Guide to US Hostels". Zach's family found evidence that he'd been researching Austin, Texas on their home computer. They both expressed interest in attending college in New York - for Samantha it was a rabid interest, so there's every possibility that may be their destination.I'm appealing to their friends to please, please think back on anything that might now seem important that might not have seemed so at the time. Any comment, any kind of connections anywhere on the road - anything at all like that. There is very definite concern here for more than a few reasons, one of which is that Samantha's dad (who is a mechanic) said that the car they're driving is not fit for a trip like this. This isn't just a matter of "Oh they'll come home when they're done being kids" - there is a very real risk to their safety and the sooner we can close the net around them, the better. If I've tagged you I would appreciate it if you left yourself tagged until they're returned home safely - you never know if a friend of a friend might see it and remember something that might be of help. I'm asking you as a mother - a very tortured mother who honestly can't understand what I'm supposed to do right now - to help if you can.