Saturday, April 23, 2011

Counting down till lent is OVER

I'm in count down....
49 mins till Lent is over.

Facebook, HERE I COME !!

Oh, and Happy Easter YO!

Friday, April 22, 2011

LENT- coming to an end.

Only 1 more day to go till I can get on FACEBOOK !!
I'm so excited, and so proud of myself. I can't wait to get back online and re-connect with all my friends. It's been a long Lent.

We are very excited about Easter and we even made our own Easter Baskets with string and sugar water. They really turned out neat so far and we haven't even put the finishing touches on it. Katey is participating in the Easter service, and has learned so much in confirmation class. I'm really proud of how involved she is getting in our church, and in our youth group. They really are a great bunch of kids and she has made so many new friends.

We are in count down mode for the end of school. Katey Graduates 8th grade on May 26th and we are having a party for her on May 28th. I can't believe my baby girl is gonna be a freshman. She just needs to stop growing.

Oh, Ellie came for a visit with her kids and we had a GREAT time. The kids got a long so well, and miss each other so much. I'm so glad Ellie's kids got to meet Nannie and Pop-pop and will have good memories of them, and of hanging out with their cousins. I hope when they get older they will be close like we are with Ellie. Ashlyn informed us that she had the most fun, more than any of us, with her cousins, and that she misses her cousins more than any of us miss them. She's so sweet.

I am getting over a very nasty "bug". My doctor thinks it was pneumonia aggravated by asthma, but I really think it's whooping cough. It was terribly bad, and I probably should have been in the hospital. They had to change my antibiotic because I kept getting worse and ended up in bed for 4 days straight. Luckily I am starting to get better, but this cough is still terrible.

Ok, hurry up Easter morning, I got me some facebookin to do.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

hard service

We are back from the cruise, and the wedding was fantastic. The cruise was amazing, and we are sad we have to be back. Why can't vacation last forever? Ellie flew in from San Diego and we even went home this weekend to visit Nannie and Pops with all the kids. HAD A BLAST. We hurried home so Katey could make confirmation class and youth service.

Tonight's service was difficult to say the least.
It was about Jesus dying on the cross and Pilates wife told him not to mess with that innocent man for she had had a dream about him. Well we were questioned had we ever stepped up and questioned something and spoken up even though nobody else was. He asked if we heard recently about a violent death, or some one being mistreated at school. Immediately Katey and I think of Adrianne.

He went on to ask some very hard questions.
Was there something you could have done? Something you could have said? Could you have done something that could have prevented this? The questions went on and on. Each one questions and guilt that I have asked myself many many times. Katey bowed her head and cried, and I walked out. I got control and came back in, but it was very hard.

When it was over and everyone walked out, we said in the pews and Katey and I just cried. We miss you Adrianne Leigh.