Monday, January 5, 2009

Ash is in the hospital.

she's doing ok. She got put on 1L of oxygen last night when she slept because her oxygen levels kept dropping. Today she holds good at 96% during the daytime when she's active, and 93% when watching cartoons. They started backing her down to 1/4 L by this afternoon and she was doing great 95 - 96%, then she fell asleep and dropped back down to 89 - 90% and had to be upped back to 1L. She's still teetering on 91 -92% and the nurse turned it up a bit more. I dont think she will be going home anytime soon. Also the pulse machine also measures her BPM and it keeps alarming. Im not sure whats "normal" for a kids heartrate but she keeps alarming over 170... is that ok? They dont seem worried at all, but then why does it keep going off? Anyway, she is cranky and still fevers, and her head hurts when she coughs.

Update on Carol,
She is doing well, still very tired but was back to work today.
Blaker is out of the hospital, didnt need surgery, and had a follow up appt today that I will hear about later.

We had our annual Wassell Family Pool Tourney, and little Jared won !! Chris came in 4th place and I hope it moves him up on the ranks for next year.

Im taking a shower and going back up to snuggle with Ash.

Oh, and Happy New Year everyone!

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Graycesmomma said...

Hey there! I was hoping to come here to read a good update...I am so sorry that Ash is in the hospital! I will keep her in my prayers. Poor thing! I am glad that everyone else seems to be feeling better. Keep us posted.