Saturday, January 31, 2009

KY--- Yeah, thats what I said.

So today I went to the store to get some femenine products, and I happened to take Katey with. Well as I am looking at the pads and such Katey is examining the bottles of lotion and such that are right next to the pads. She picks up a bottle of KY ( actually I have no idea what brand, but you get the point) and said, "Mom what is this?" Now she is 12 so we have had many talks about S-E-X, and I am very honest with her. I looked at her and I said, "oh Katey put that back, its for sex". Ok no big deal right? WRONG! She then with a very puzzled look on her face picks up another bottle and said "Then why is this one strawberry flavored". I took a deep breath, smiled, then looked at her and said "Do you really want to know?" She waited for a moment, covered her face and said "NO!, oh gross.... gross, gross, gross"

Im really glad she feels so very comfortable talking to me about stuff, and I think it is very important, but seriously !!! Will this get any easier?

I am going to bed,
Enjoy the laugh,

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Graycesmomma said...

LOL! Too cute. So on the topic of KY. I was out in the lobby the other night at Grayce's dance class while she was in class. I asked this mother how she gets her daughters hair to stay back in the pony tail since it looked like her daughter has fine hair like mine does. She said she puts KY in it! LOL!!! I thought I would die laughing. She said it is water soluible and it works really well. Would you ever have thoguht of such a thing? I still don't know that I will try it...not sure I could bring myself to put that in G's hair. LOL!!!