Thursday, January 15, 2009

D-Cold out

Holy Crow it is C-O-L-D out.
School was called off today because its just too cold. Its neg 12 degrees out with a wind chill of Neg 45. Thats way to cold and dangerous for kids to be walking to school or waiting for a bus. So we played Wii all day and just got the call that school is cancelled for tomorrow too. WHOO HOOO ! Plus its a long weekend, they have Mon and Tues off. Im so excited to have my kids home for a short mini vacation.

Ok, so D-Cold? whats that mean? HA
When Katey was about 3yrs old we would always say something was D-licious. So she thought the D ment it was VERY licious.. LOL Well one day we were going out to the car and it was freezing. She said Brrrr Daddy, it is D-Cold out. We cracked up laughing and have used that saying ever since. She is now embarassed by it, but it reminds us of her being a little girl.

So bundle up, cuddle up, snuggle up, whatever you gotta do to stay warm cuz baby it is D-Cold out!
Lots of Love,

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Jeni said...

I love the D in front of words for very. It's so fun to remember what kids said when they were little and continue to use them! Have a fun cold day at home:)