Thursday, January 8, 2009

another hospital story

Okay, so I told you my scare with the code over the intercom.
So later when I had to go get Chris from the train, I didnt want to leave Ashlyn alone again. So I left Kathryn at the hospital with her. I figured Kathryn babysits her, so of course I could leave her at the hospital. Well, Im just lucky my kids are soooo well behaved and sooooo all about Ashlyn because I guess it is against hospital policy to leave anyone under the age of 18 alone with the patient. The nurses were so blow away with how much Kathryn helped out. Ash had to to potty, and Kathryn said ok Ash, lets untagle you and unplugged the Pulse/oxy machine and then pulled the IV stand closer to the bathroom door and then helped her go potty, wiped her, washed her hands, then put her back in bed and re-connnected her to the machine. The whole time the nurse just stood there amazed that Kathryn knew what she was doing.

The nurse asked Katey, "how did you know what you could unplug and how to hook it all back up?" and Katey replied, "well, this isnt the first time she's been admited, I guess I am just use to it." Then when the respitory lady came, she was nervous because I wasnt there and when she gave Ashlyn her last treatment (the first time I was gone) Ash just cried the whole time. So Katey told the nurse "oh dont worry, she will be fine, we do this at home all the time. Just make sure you use the mask, not the blow by." Sure enough Ashlyn sat thru the whole treatment like a perfect angel. I guess the nurse assumed Ashlyn wasnt use to the mask and thought she was helping by not useing it when I wasnt there. Ashlyn HATES the blow by and prefers to do it herself.

Anyway, when I got back, the nurse complimented me on how amazing Katey was, and how helpful she was. She told me I was doing a great job with all 3 of my children and asked if she could send her 2 kids to my house.

Ashlyn is going good, and has a follow up appt. tomorrow with her Ped.
I'll update on how that goes, right now, we are going to go watch a movie.


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