Sunday, January 11, 2009

Poker Night and BOY

Last night we decided to have a poker night at our house.
Michael has been here since Friday and our friend Tommy brought his girlfriend, and one of Brandon's friends dad came too. It was $10 in and 1st place got $40 and 2nd place got $20. We had so much fun, and tons of laughs and Tommy won 1st place and Chris won 2nd. I cant wait for Cassie and Mike to sell their house so that we can start having poker night once a month. It's been nice having Mike here, but I really miss my sissy.

Then today, our Bran Buster Brown turned 9yrs old.
Its amazing how fast time really goes by. He got a pocket knife, and a nerf machine gun. He's really excited about both.

Chris is busy making breakfast, and I think the rest of today will just be relaxing and enjoying Buster B's day.

Lots of Love,

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