Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ash is home

Oh My Word !!!

Friday/ Sat morning Ash woke up in the middle of the night with a croupy cough and a 103.7 fever. Sat was the annual pool tourney and my aunt watched the kids. It was hard to go knowing Ash was sick, but its only once a year and I had all the meds so we went. Sat night she stayed the same, fever and cough. Sunday when she woke up she was miserable, 103.5 and just not herself at all. I told Chris I had to take her in, and surprisingly, he agreed.

I get to the ER and tell them she's retracting and breathing hard and they get us straight back. Her fever had come back so they gave us Tylenol and Ibuprofin and a double breathing treatment. They checked for flu, RSV, and a chest xray. The ER dr. came back and said it looked viral, but they were waiting on an "official" read because one part looked suspicious. Official report said Pneumonia. The ER dr. was impressed with how calm and on it I was and said she was gonna send Ash home... I said, wait, wait wait.. I am not comfortable with this and explained her history to her for the 10th time. I said, I would feel better if you call her Pediatrician and get his opinion on this because I am doing everything I am supose to do at home with breathing treatments, steroids, and she keeps getting worse. She wasnt happy about it but called the dr. The nurse came in and I said, "she wants to send her home, they havent even gotten a pulse Oxy on her and they want to send her home." SO the nurse takes her pulse oxy and she was only at 92-93% She takes this info to the dr. who comes back, obviously annoyed and says, well her oxygen levels are too low we have to admit her.

She kept tettering at 92-93% all day and the ped. ordered her on Oxygen if she stayed at 92 or below. When she went to sleep she dropped to 89-90% and had to be put on oxygen, and had to stay for 4 days because her oxygen levels kept dropping. I just wanted to go smack that ER nurse for doubting me and giving me sass when I know my kid. Ash has NEVER been like this before, not even when she was in Resp. distress. She's never required oxygen since leaving the NICU and I just knew things were not right.

She's on antibiotics, which the ER dr. wouldnt order because she thought it was viral, and when the ped. came in he was surprised that she wasnt on antibiotics and ordered them right away, and she's on steroids, and breathing treatments.

Im exhausted and going to go take a nap with my little munchkin.
Lots of Love and tired hugs,

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