Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 posts today, wow

Ok, after a nap I still have no energy.
I am so excited to sleep in my own bed tonight, and have all 3 kids and Chris under one roof. Katey and Brandon are just such super big brother and sister, they get so concerned when Ash gets sick and they def. dont like to see her cry. She is soooo spoiled by them.

Oh here are a few stories from our hospital stay.
First off, we dont have anyone who lives close by or people we have babysit our kids, so when Ash is in the hospital things get difficult, plus we only have 1 car right now. So, I unfortunatly had to leave Ashlyn alone, but surrounded by nurses, to go get Katey and Brandon from school. This was the first time she was off oxygen and I was already nervous about that. The ped's floor is on one side of the building, but the ER parking lot is on the other side. I walked all the way thru the whole hospital and get to the ER, when all of a sudden I hear
"Pediatrics, Code Yellow, En-route to the ER"
Ok, now you must know I was on day 3 of sleeping in the hospital and I was already nervous about leaving her, add the fact that she was now off oxygen and her numbers were low... I turn and RAN thru the whole hospital in total fear that is was Ashlyn being rushed from the Ped's to the ER and not sure exactly what code yellow was. I ran around the last corner as the Floor nurse practitioner came around and saw me and put her hands up and said... "Oh no honey its not you!" I repeated the code to her and she said, no that means like a child got in a car accident or something and is on their way to the ER, this way peds, and respitory and everyone can be there ready when they arrive. She hugged me and we walked back to the ER together... This scared the crap out of me!!

Then that night, the respitory lady came in to give Ashlyn a breathing treatment, and I didnt sit up right away. I finally sat up and rubbed my eyes and OMG she took my breath away. I put my hand to my heart and gasped. She was surprised and I informed her that she looked exactly like my cousin Adrianne. I told her about what happened and she of course was very sorry, but I told her no, it was nice meeting her, and I was glad I got to meet her because Jan 4yrs ago was when she was taken from us and its nice to be reminded of her. When she left I thought to myself, wow, crazy... When Ashlyn was born we prayed to God to heal her, and we also prayed that Adrianne would watch over her. It was like Adrianne saying, Im still here, Im still your guardian angel. I felt so peaceful after she left, and thanked God for allowing me to "see" Adrianne this way. The next day, she was off oxygen.

Anyway, I'll have more stories later... Ash is on steroids and Im sure you will LOVE to hear all about her attitude.


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