Friday, January 9, 2009


I have been coughing for a few days now and fully expected to catch what Ashlyn had, so I wasnt surprised to wake up this morning coughing up a ton of yuck. But my throat, or should I say neck hurts. Its not my tonsils, but lower and on the sides of my neck. The dr. said its around my thyroid, so he ordered some blood tests since my mom has thyroid troubles and my dad had thyroid cancer. He also said it sounds like I have pneumonia in my right lung and started me on meds. Im completly exhausted and am going to finish cleaning and hit the bed early tonight.

Ash is doing so much better. She still has a little gunk in her lungs so they want her on the steroids thru the weekend but she's doing really really good. Her pulseoxy was at 98% WHOOP WHOOP !!!

Ok thats it for now,

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Graycesmomma said...

Man Shel, you can't catch a break! I am glad Ash is feeling better and hope you start feeling better real soon.