Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Frozen like a bag of peas

Holy crow!
It is freaking cold outside. I swear we have had so much snow and cold, I am soooo done with it. We get it all plowed and do-able for a day or so, and then KABOOM another dang winter storm. I was totally amazed the kids had school today. We had recieved 3 inches yesterday, then another 4-5 inches overnight, and supose to have another 1-3 inches today. Also starting at noon today the temps are supose to just drop. Chris drove the 4wheel drive jeep to the train station, which is only 2 miles from our house, and it took him 20 mins. He said the roads were horrible and people couldnt get past the stop light because the roads were so slick. He ended up missing that train but made the next one. Good Gravy!

Today, Ashlyn, Kathryn, and I are all doing pretty well. If Katey doesnt get a fever tonight, then she gets to go to school tomorrow. She's had 2 doses of the antibiotic now, so Im hoping it will be good and kicked in by tonight.

Not much else is new, just cleaning the house and lysoling everything, and looking forward to a nice LONG weekend.


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