Friday, January 16, 2009

Wii Fit

I have been wanting a Wii Fit for months now. My father in law Jim got me one for Christmas and I have been sooo excited to try it out. Well, our Wii broke and its under warentee so we will be getting a new one any day now. Meanwhile, We got 7 new games and have not been able to play with any of them. So we borrowed a Wii from Katey's friend and have been having a blast. Everyone LOVES the Wii Fit. Chris and I have been working out every night, and I am actually down 2Lbs. Whoo Hooo. That being said... Im about ready to smack that Wii Fit Biotch. First of all when you set your Mii up, it puts your weight and BMI right out there where everyone can see, PLUS it makes your Mii Fat or Skinny debending on how you are, so I have a Fat Mii. But the worst part is when you step on the board it will either say Okay, or she will groan at you. When Chris steps on it, she usually says Okay, but everytime I step on it, she groans. Everytime she does it I call her a bitch and get irritated at her. Well, Brandon's been playing on it all day and she groaned when he steped on it and he groaned back and called her a jerk. I started cracking up laughing. At least I am not the only one ready to smack her. Speaking of Brandon, I can not believe how much this boy enjoys working out. He is all about being fit. He loves to do push ups and crunches and really enjoys doing all the strength training, and Yoga stuff. He's gonna be my running buddy come the spring. My Gazelle will be here on Monday and thats what I plan on using all winter, but come spring, Bran and I are gonna start jogging so we can do a 5K run together. I cant wait.

Ok, Im off to go Wii Fit some more.
Lots of Love,

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