Monday, December 29, 2008

Prayers Please

I am writing you tonight to ask for some prayers.
My mother in law Carol has been sick for about 2 ½ weeks. She went to the dr and they thought it was swollen tonsils type infection and gave her antibiotics. 4 days later on Christmas-eve she went into the ER with more pain and her neck was swollen out like a big soft ball. They did a CT Scan and she had an infection in the fluid around her lymphnods. They gave her IV antibiotics and she went home. She was feeling worse Christmas day and wasn’t able to attend the family Christmas party. By the day after Christmas the swelling and pain were much worse and they took her back to the ER and she went into Emergency surgery to drain and clean out the infection. Her white blood counts were extremely high but have started to come down, but the dr. is still not comfortable sending her home until they come down a bit more.

Today we received a phone call that my nephew Blaker (9yrs old) went into the ER with the same symptoms. High fever, vomiting, and swollen neck. They are sending him to Peoria, not sure if its by ambulance or driving, but they couldn’t treat him in the Quad Cities. I don’t have all the details but Chris said it sounds like he will need surgery as well. This has been very painful for Carol, and now I worry that poor Blaker is going thru the same thing.

Please keep Carol and Blaker in your thoughts and prayers.
Please pray that surgery goes well for Blaker,
and that they both heal quickly.
Thanks so very much,

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Graycesmomma said...

I will being praying for your famiy. Please keep us updated.

I thought of you yesterday...I was at work and some lady had a Christmas letter from her cousin and I always like reading Christmas letters (even if I don't know the people) and this lady's son went to Moline High School. It made me think of your cousin, Adrianne (that was the town she was from right?). I stopped and said a prayer instantly. Little did I know (I had not checked your page) that your family really did need prayers. Gave me chills. I will be thinking of your guys. I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon.