Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Twilight update

If you are not reading this book you are totally missing out. I have been trying to read and then Chris gets pouty after a little bit so I put it away for the night. So I was only about 2 chapters in and I went to bed early last night to get some reading done.. I only got to Chapter 5 and Chris was wanting to watch a movie and pouting that I wasnt talking to him.. so I put it away. Well tonight I decided to read it while Bran was doing homework. HOLY CRAP !!! Im almost halfway thru the book. I swear I looked at the clock and it was 6:30 and I looked at it again about 5 mins later and its now 8:30. I just dont want to put it down. Katey keeps asking... "what part are you at now?" This book is really great and sucks you in really quickly. This is a must read!!! I cant wait to finish it so we can go watch the movie.

Im off to tuck my kiddo's in bed, and settle down for some more reading.
Oh and for anyone who's read the book.... Im already totally in love with Edward!


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Graycesmomma said...

Shel, I loved the book as well. But I warn you the movie ruined it for me. I have heard a lot of people liked it, but I did not...NOT AT ALL. But I feel you on Chris nagging...Eric did the same thing. It really does suck you in.