Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The house

Well, Chris and I were THIS close to getting a new house.
We found a really nice rent to own and we were all ready to give a deposit and move in this weekend. We had been working out a few small details and one big detail. Because of Ashlyn I cant work out of the home. She still gets sick way to easy and I just cant put her in a daycare center. So the only way I can get any income is if I am the babysitter, and the owners of the home have a strict no business in the home policy. I talked to them and they had concerns with the added liability and wear and tear on the home. I assured them I would take out an additional $500K liability ins. for the daycare and they still wouldnt budge. Chris and I discussed it and this is a nice home, but we are not willing to go thru with it if I can not make an income babysitting. So its off. Im bummed, but we got another plan in motion. Now I can decorate this house for Christmas, and I look forward to my sister coming up for New Years Eve.

But since I dont have to pack, I went ahead and bought the 2nd book of the Twilight series.. Im already on Chap. 5, and Im going to bed to cuddle up with my book.
Lots of Love,

P.S. My cousin Erin just had a baby girl tonight !!!

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