Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dec. 7th

Ok, so far December is not my month to blog. Im really sorry!
So far I am behind on my dec. goal of working out. Im feeling better from my pneumonia, and Brandon is feeling better too. I brought him into the dr. on Thurs, because he was still in pain and I didnt know what else to do. The dr. looked in his throat and it was infected. After the emergency surgery they should have prescribed antibiotics but they didnt and the Ped. was pretty ticked off. 24hrs. after starting the antibiotic and Bran was eating everything in site. The boy has more color in his cheeks and his throat doesnt hurt at all. He went to school on Friday and surprised everyone when he showed up with all his long hair chopped off, and 2 missing front teeth. The teacher told him, had he not walked up and said Hi to her, she would not have known who he was.

This weekend was really a nice weekend for me. I took Katey and her friend Krissie Christmas shopping. Katey bought for Brandon, Ashlyn, and Daddy, and Krissie bought for her Mom, and her 3 brothers. Every year Cassie and I buy gifts for our kids and put each other's names on it. This way we get what our kids like, and we dont have to ship it. I called Cassie all excited because I picked up PJ's and slippers from her to my kids, and she giggled because she bought her kids robes and slippers from me... we are so awesome! Then I took Brandon shopping today for Dad, Ash, and Katey. He picked out really nice stuff for all of them, and then we went to lunch. This evening, Chris and I went and got a few things for the kids. I just love Christmas.

The plans for this week are to fax our attorney the papers on the house that we want, and if all goes well we should be moving into the house Dec. 19th. Im not going to get too excited though, because there are some def. things we want changed in the papers and if he's not willing to make those changes then we are NOT going thru with the deal. I figure its a buyers market right now and I am not settleing. But I really hope it all works out.

Anyway, I think I am gonna shower, get PJ's on, and cuddle up with the kids and Chris and watch a movie.

Lots of Love,

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