Friday, December 12, 2008

My kids are in B I G trouble!

Well about 10 mins before Chris got home the kids decided it would be a great time to get in a fight. My kids usually argue or bicker back and forth, but the do NOT fight. I told them to push the dirty clothes down the stairs to the laundry room, well Brandon didnt move fast enough for her so she took it upon her self to tell him to get up NOW!.. Well now Brandon wasn't moving NOW because Katey is not his boss so he just sat on the couch and watched tv. Now Katey decides he isnt going to watch tv until he helps her move the laundry and she said.... Oh No you dont! you are NOT watching cartoons. Get up and help me NOW. Bran replys with move out of the way Katey, you are not my boss... She then turns the tv off. He turns it back on with the remote. She turns it off again and stands in front of the spot so he cant turn it on with a remote. He yells MOVE KATEY, she says NO, you need to help me or you are not watching tv. Bran growls at her and runs across the room and slams into her and trys pushing her out of the way and this is when I hear that they are actually fighting and not arguing. I come down stairs to see Bran trying to push Katey out of the way, and Katey pushing back to stay in her spot. Neither one saw me there and BAM I swat them both on their asses before they know Im there. They both jump up and turn around and look at me and start to "tattle" on the other one. I am now furious that they were fighting and scream over them.... GET YOUR BUTTS ON YOUR BEDS RIGHT NOW AND I DONT WANT TO HEAR A SOUND FROM EITHER OF YOU! With that they both look at each other and give each other that ugh sound of disaproval that its obviously the other ones fault. I then scream again... I SAID NOT A SOUND, THE MOVIE IS OFF !! YOU ARE BOTH GROUNDED !!! Tears and screams as they go to their rooms, and 5 mins later Chris walks in to a wife who is still steaming mad at his 2 oldest children.

So.... I hope this is not a sign of how the weekend will be.

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