Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March.. ok already

So its the 3rd day of March already.
I am already ready for spring already. I even got my spring cleaning done. The house is clean, dusted, and oil soaped up the wazoo. Now I need the nicer, warmer weather to hurry up and get here.

This year, unfortunatly, we will not be in the ST. Patty's day parade in the QC. Last year our float started to break on the bridge and we were trying to get about 35 people off the float before the whole bumper fell off and injured someone. Well the one guy on the commitee threw a fit, demanded us to move it, and I wouldnt move it until we got everyone safely off. He got up in my dad's face and was screaming at him and tried to get my dad arrested because we wouldnt move the float. Once everyone was off, we moved it and the parade was able to contine. Because this guy is on the comittee he punished us by not allowing us to participate this year. So since we are not going home, Chris wants to go downtown Chicago and go to the parade there. I think it will be great fun.

Well anyway, I am just wanting spring to get here and fast.
Have a great day.

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