Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Today is Ash Wednesday, and I am giving up Soda for Lent.
his is def. a sacrifice for me, because I LOVE my Coke, and Dr. Pepper. But this is a good challenge for me as I am trying to loose weight. I need to drink tons more water, and this is a great start. Oh, wish me luck !!

I am happy to write that Ashlyn is healing very very well. I took her back into the doctor today because she keeps telling me she cant hear me, so I had him check her ears and her right ear is full of fluid. It's not infected, but thats why she is having trouble hearing on that side. I also had him check on her face because one part is not healing as nice as the rest, but he says it all looks good. He gave me a steroid nasal spray to help clear up the fluid in her ears, and wants to see her back in a month. If she is still having trouble hearing then they will set up a hearing test for her. This one keeps me on my toes I swear.

Brandon is having some issues at school. He has trouble with reading and spelling and is very slow with his math. He understands his math, but he's very slow at it. Now, he is starting to act like a class clown along with 3 other boys and is becomeing a behavior problem. All 4 boys were being disruptive and throwing paper wads when they had a sub. yesterday and we got a call from his teacher this afternoon. Lets just say boy is in deep trouble. He's grounded from the Wii and his friends for 1 week. For the first 3 days, he's only allowed to read and write. The next 4 days he is allowed to watch tv, and listen to the radio, and still has to read and write. He's not happy about this at all, and has been reading for almost 3 hrs now. He's not going to be happy when we all sit down to watch tv tonight and he cant. Oh well, he's gonna learn real quick that you dont mess around at school.

Kathryn is healing well, and has a ton of homework to catch up on.
She enjoyed being home with me yesterday but isnt looking forward to all this work. She's a good student though and will have no problems getting it done. She's enjoying being back in the choir, and in drama club, and is excited to have a team vs. teachers basketball game this friday.
Lucky for me its a half day Friday !!! Whooo Hoooo !

Lots of Love,

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