Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kathryn the vegetarian

My Katey bug is 12 and is really starting to have concerns about different things. One thing she really doesnt like is that animals have to die so she can eat her dinner. She's been bothered by this for a while and finally decided to try vegetarian for a week. So far she is going great, and even has 3 of her friends trying it too. This Sat. we are having a Prime Rib dinner for Gma Dorothy's 95th birthday and she said she's going to have a small piece of that because she does like the taste of it, but she still doesnt want it to be a huge part of her every day diet. She thinks after this week she will continue to have vegetarian food, but occationally have meat. Im really proud of her for experimenting with new things, and standing up for something she really believes in. So tonight I am making corn dogs for us, and vegy corn dogs for Katey and Chris. Oh, Chris is doing the vegy for a week diet too because he wants her to feel supported.

I'll keep you updated on her progress.

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