Monday, February 23, 2009

almost a week later

So much has happened since my last post.
I took Ashlyn to the plastic surgeon the day after and I questioned the "rug burn" on her face, and he said it was NOT from teeth. He said she must have fallen and rubbed against the wall, or carpet or something. It just seemed odd to us. Then on Friday, a friend of ours was over and was looking at Ashlyn and she questioned if Capone even bit her. I told her I didnt see it happen, but its just what Brandon told me. She said, to her, it looks like he pawed her face, which would make the "rug burn" make more sence. I told Chris about this and he really looked closely at her face. He said the "bite" marks, and the "rug burn" all go in the same exact direction. So its impossible that he bit her, AND she happened to rub against something to make marks that ran exactly in the same direction. But still this sounds strange to us. Well today when I went into the ped to get her stitches out, I was going to ask him if it was possible the dog scratched her, but I forgot. But he looked up at me puzzled and asked "what kind of dog did this?" I said a Great Dane. Then he looked at it some more and asked if I was sure the dog BIT her because it doesnt line up for a dog bite. So I told him I forgot to ask him about that and told him what the plastic surgeon and our neighbor said. The doctor is convinced that this is NOT a bite at all, but that he pawed her face. WHEW !

However, this doesnt leave us in the clear. He still has dominant issues when we are not there, and he still did this in a dominante manner. He growled and barked at her. I asked Brandon about this and he at first said Capone Bite her, but when i asked if it could be from his paw, and he thought about it for a min. and said he wasnt sure. I asked if he saw Capones teeth in Ashlyn's face, and he said NO. He said he heard him growl, so he yelled no and was going down the stairs when he heard Capone bark, Brandon then looked up to see Capone jump back and blood all over Ashlyn's face. So either way, Capone has some issues that need some major fixing. Luckily we have a few options. Our friend Dawn, who works for a animal welfare place back home called, and her work is willing to take him and try to place him with someone who does not have small children. So relief that Chris doesnt have to kill my dog. The other option is seeing if this place that rehabilitates aggressive animals can work with him and get him some intense training. So I am just relieved that this doesnt appear to be a dog bite, I am relieved that our friend Dawn read my blog and came to the rescue, and I am relieved that their might be a way to keep Capone and keep everyone safe. WHEW !

Ok, now on to another topic.
Today Kathryn had 3 teeth pulled. They had to put her out for this because one took was stuck in her jaw. When sh woke up and was completly "high" I was cracking up laughing at her. She was totally off the rocker hysterical, and we even video taped her first hour of being home. I cried because I was laughing so hard. She is resting now, and more comfortable. However the pain meds are now making her dizzy and slightly nautious.

Well the kids are all in bed, and I am exhausted.
I'll write more soon.

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