Sunday, February 15, 2009

What a weekend.

WOW, what a weekend.
It's a long weekend because Chris and the kids dont have school on Monday due to Presidents day. YIPPIE !!! I love long weekends. It also happened to be Valentines Day AND my sister/cousin Ellie's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLIE !!! ( I know, I know, sister/cousin?!?, she's my cousin, but I love her like my sister) We dont do much for Valentines Day, actually we dont do anything out of the ordinary for Valentines Day. Chris decided after we got married, and we were very broke all the time, that he loved me every single day, and he didnt need 1 day to tell me how much he loves me... he loves me so much every day. Also, he hates doing things because everyone else does, so we just dont do Valentines Day. However, if he brags about me or the kids at work, or to a friend, he will come home that day with flowers or surprises. It's really great. So we spent the whole day cleaning and rearranging. We dont use the basement for anything, so we moved Katey down there. It's totally finished, and you can see down to the basement from the living room, but we dont use it. Plus she thinks its cool because she has a bathroom right off of it so she says she has her own bathroom. Now Brandon and Ashlyn have their own rooms too. Nobody to get into anyone else's stuff, and everyone responsible for cleaning their own rooms. So, we have been busy hanging curtains, and hanging curtains to block you from being able to see into Katey's room from the living room. It's looking soooo cute and everyone is happy.

Well, today since everyone did such a great job yesterday, I decided to make Lobster and Shrimps for dinner. Im also making twice baked potato's, grilled asparagus, breadsticks, and my fav... sweet potato cassarole !! All's going good until we are ready to put everything on the grill and its out of propane. So off to the store Chris goes. He's back now, so Im gonna go and help grill our super yummy dinner.

Lots of Love,

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