Sunday, February 8, 2009

We are horribly cruel parents

So we went home this weekend to celebrate Grandma Dorothy's 95th birthday. We had a wonderful dinner with us, Dorothy, Carol and Jim, Jen and Chad and all the kids. Chad has a little girl Emma and Ashlyn just loves hanging out with her. We had a sweatshirt made with all the great grandkids pic on it. We had a decent pic taken last year on the fishing trip with all of them and I thought it would be great on a sweatshirt. Gma Dorothy just LOVED it.

Then we went to Nathan and Jeni's house and just hung out chatting. Its so nice to be able to hang out with friends and not have to worry about doing anything. Just chillin, watching some SNL and talking about everything and nothing. The Tacketts are great! (What up Jeni YO!)
I was even surprised when all of a sudden Chris got drunk dialed by George. (Love me some George!)

Then this morning we had a really nice breakfast with my parents, then we went and got the kids shoes. We were supose to get pics taken today but since it was so gloomy out, we decided to pass. So we washed the van at our fav. carwash with the 3 colored soap, and we got some Whitey's ice cream, then we went to see if there were any Eagles out by the Hampton dam. Then we decided to head on home.

Ok, now here is where we are so horribly cruel......
So we get on I-80 and head towards Chicago, well we have to go past Carol and Jims exit and we looked over to see if we could see their house and they were actually going down Hubbard road. So we start flashing our breaks and waving trying to get their attention. Then Chris notices in front of us is a semi being towed backwards by another semi. So he distracts them by telling them to watch for Gma Carol and Jim and he speeds up to get right behind the semi. He then yells OMG and I scream. The kids turn around to see a semi "heading right towards us". But its actually being towed. Brandon freaks out and braces himself, and Katey yells "WHAT THE !"
We then quickly start laughing and tell them its being towed and they were not very happy with us at all. But we thought it was great,,,,, until Brandon said it freaked him out so bad because of the car accident we were in 2 yrs ago.

So anyway, we are horribly cruel parents, but it was really funny.
Lots of Love,

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Jeni said...

Your second message on the board surprised me. You got me!