Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am sooo irritated! SERIOUSLY

Ok, so I went to lunch today with Ashlyn and Kathryn.
We were enjoying a nice lunch when this lady comes in with her older daughter whom had 2 children, and another daughter who appeared to be about 15yrs old. Terry-Ann was her name, and she had some kind of mental disability. She acted more like a 3yr old. Ashlyn waved to her and she ran over to say hello, which started them off yelling at her. They told her to stop it and to sit down. Every time Terry-Ann tried to talk to them, they would yell at her and tell her to stop it, or shut up, or if you dont behave you wont get your drink. Now, Terry-Ann was not even misbehaving, and she kept getting in trouble just for speaking. I SOOO wanted to tell them that Terry-Ann was behaving just fine, however they were being extremly loud and disruptive. I swear the whole place could hear their conversation and it got worse when they yelled at Terry-Ann. Even Kathryn was like, OMG mom what is she doing wrong? Then apparently she didnt eat her food fast enough and she asked if she could take it home and the mother PUNCHED her in the arm, and yelled at her again that she needed to behave and to shut up and eat her food.
At this point I couldnt handle it anymore and asked for the bill.
I should have called the police or something, but by the way they were acting I was not about to confront them, especially in front of my children. I am still disturbed. I cant believe she punched the girl in the arm!!!


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