Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Not much going on, just waiting on some lab results for Ashlyn.
We had a great weekend with my sister... aside from Ashlyn barfing all over Trysta while she was sleeping, everything was great. We went downtown to American Girl store and Trysta picked out a new doll and PJ's that match for her and her dolly. Then we caught up to the boys just in time to see them dye the river green. It was really cool. Then on Sunday Brandon sang in the choir and even had a solo. Aunt Cassie was in tears as she has never heard how good the boy could sing and she was totally surprised. Then we went to Bass Pro Shop with Mike and Cassie and found the coolest out door mall, so Chris and I went shopping with the kids. We went to Aero and to Hollister.

Last night was Kathryn's school choir concert. They meet up with the other 6 schools in the district 122, and each school sings 3 songs, then they all combine for 1 song all together at the end and they sing "This is why we sing". Truely a beautiful song.

Now, if only this week would hurry up and get over.
Lots of Love,

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