Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well I am sitting here night 3 in the hospital with Ashlyn.
Sunday night Katey wasnt feeling very well and ended up puking on the top of the stairs, we got that cleaned up and Ash started puking. Then Katey ran "to the bathroom" and 2 mins later Ashlyn yells... "I have to poop right NOW". In a matter of 3 hrs Ashlyn was puking every 20 mins, and was up to 14x's. I took her to the ER where she pukes as we arrived and they took us straight back. Then they gave her and IV and she puked again, so they gave her some nausia medication. She was extremly dehydrated and her blood pressure was low, and her heart rate was high. Her blood came back with really low electrolights and they decided to admit her. We are now on our 3rd night here and she is still miserable. Her blood pressure and heart rate have returned to normal, but then she started spiking fevers, and her tummy is hurting her really bad tonight. I am hoping this will start getting better and we can go home tomorro. So far tonight her fever hasnt come back so maybe thats a good sign. She's very crabby, but I think she's entitled to feel crappy.

Well, I am gonna see if she will go to sleep, I am exhausted.

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