Tuesday, April 7, 2009

doing better

Things are getting better here at the Power House. Nobody else has gotten sick,and Ash is def. better. We went home over the weekend and had a great time. We had an Easter celebration with Chris' family, and a HUGE Easter egg hunt. The kids LOVED it. I think its the best Easter turn out we have had in years. Then we hung out with Barbie and her boyfriend Paul, aka Buddy. We had a great time and Cassie and Mike came along too. We played some games and really enjoyed the company. Then we had a really nice lunch at Ryan's to celebrate Grandma Milan coming home. It was a great time seeing everyone and hanging out with everyone. We even got to see our Moo Moo. Such a great weekend.

I am now doing laundry, and cleaning, and preparing to go to New Jersey this weekend to visit my Nannie and Pop-Pop. I cant wait. But anyone who reads this and knows Nannie and Pop-Pop,,,, SHHHH ! Nannie doesnt know yet, but Pop-pop does. This will be a great surprise.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter.

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